Pattern Interrupt Examples for the Savvy Salesperson

Pattern interrupt is the bread and butter of any magician worth their top hat and cape. Illusionists (and salespeople!) who master these techniques can set the tone of interactions and direct the target audience’s attention — to their delight and your success. You can harness the power of psychological tools to back-guide your prospect’s behavior. […]

Joyful Ventures debuts with $23M focused on investment in sustainable protein startups

The woman and LGBTQIA+-led fund is co-founded by Jennifer Stojkovic, founder of the Vegan Women Summit; Milo Runkle, co-founder of The Good Food Institute; and Blaine Vess, co-founder of edtech startup Student Brands. All are general partners of Los Angeles–based Joyful Ventures. To learn more about the fund and how the trio plan to drive […]

Chris’ Corner: Scoping

Imagine that applied to this HTML: I’m not sure how I feel about that, honestly. Don’t hate it, but also can’t think of a time when I really really wanted that. That might be because it’s never existed so my brain didn’t try to reach for it. But container queries didn’t exist before, either, and […]