Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Day as a Civil Engineer

Pursuing a career as a professional civil engineer will make for a challenging yet highly rewarding and varied working life, and whether you have followed the more traditional route of a bachelor’s degree from a university or have worked your way up from an apprenticeship, continue reading.  Here is everything you need to know before […]

What’s it like being a Black founder in France?

She’ll go on to pitch her company, and then: “They usually just leave the conversation,” she said. “I’ve had people say, ‘Oh, okay, nice, very interesting. Thank you. See you soon.’ And we were in the middle of a conversation.” We have to fight all these stereotypes to prove we can do interesting things. Rodolphe-Emmanuel […]

UK’s early-stage media tech VC GMG Ventures rebrands to Mercuri, closes £50M fund

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our first multi-LP fund at a time when this profound progress in artificial intelligence is impacting the entire media technology ecosystem, including content creation, gaming, personalization, music, privacy, education, community and communication,” said Mercuri’s founding general partner Alan Hudson. “The opportunity in the market is arguably stronger […]