Grammarly to shut down the Text Editor SDK in January

“Deprecating the Text Editor SDK allows us to focus on achieving this vision and meeting increased demand we’re seeing from enterprises by dedicating our resources to addressing the challenges they face,” Endick told TechCrunch in an email response. Rob Brazier, head of product and platform at Grammarly, says that the beta release of this SDK […]

Freeing Up “Time To Sell,” A Quandary

Since the earliest days of selling, our vision is to free up sellers time to sell! Ideally, we’d like them to spend 100% of their time working with prospects and customers, helping them navigate their buying processes. But things keep creeping in, some valuable, some wastes of time. But they infringe on our dream of […]

8 of the Most Effective Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy

These apps have become an integral part of how modern companies operate — as a solid social media presence is becoming a “need-to-have” as opposed to a “nice-to-have” for most businesses. And while leveraging social media is most typically associated with marketing, weaving it into your sales strategy can yield impressive results. Let’s take a […]

8 Concerns Sales People Have About AI & How Leadership Can Address Them [New Data + Tips]

Conversely, there are endless dilemmas about how AI will shape reality, raising serious concerns. So, let’s explore what sales leaders think about AI-powered solutions and what they do to overcome AI fears. Table of Contents But what brings about these AI concerns in sales? Here’s what salespeople have mentioned. That being said, salespeople should have […]

Remarkable pronouncements

The scientific rule of thumb is simple: When you make a bold claim, you need significant research to back it up. Telling us that eating vegetables is healthy can be justified by a fairly simple high school science paper. But if you want to claim that the moon is made of celery and Elmer’s Glue, […]