Smashing Podcast Episode 63 With Chris Ferdinandi: What Is The Transitional Web?

In this episode of The Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about The Transitional Web. What is it, and how does it describe the technologies we’re using? Drew McLellan talks to Chris Ferdinandi to find out. Chris: I’m smashing, thank you so much. How are you today, Drew? Drew: I’m also smashing, thank you for asking. It’s […]

Cracking the CFO Code: 4 Proven Ways To Win Over Finance

Together, we’re building the largest and most successful community of sales professionals. Get deals done, make customers successful, and help your company grow. CFOs always have their eye on potential financial risk. Deepak Ahuja, former CFO of Tesla, said it best: “There are many existential threats that come along on a daily, weekly, or quarterly […]