Differentiating Skills: Curiosity, Generosity, Humanity

First, I’m sure Scott would agree, leadership is not limited to executive titles. In the context he speaks of, leadership is displayed in all levels of and organization, and is independent of management positions. And as I look to sellers that are consistent high performers, these characteristics dominate how they work. Curiosity is critical. It […]

The new Pokémon app will put you to sleep

Gotta catch’em all! Catch all those Zs, that is. Of course, what differentiates this from the oodles of other sleep tracking apps is that there are Pokémon involved. When you start the game, you meet Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep researcher (we applaud the amount of funding available in the Pokémon universe to support academics, […]

Tech-ish companies’ killer IPOs are making startups look silly as hell

The inability or unwillingness of many venture-backed startups to go public is starting to sting. The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. But that doesn’t mean that some companies aren’t going public. They are! And some of the newly public entities are even venture-backed or at least clothed in the language of tech companies. Their […]