Product Videos: 10 of the Best Promotional Product Videos Ever

The right video can boost a product’s visibility and push it to its target audience. Therefore, marketers must have a firm grasp of a product video and how to create an exceptional one. To help you create a video that showcases your product’s unique features and shines a light on your brand, we will explore […]

How To Ensure Your WordPress Website is ADA Compliant

Are you struggling to ensure that your WordPress website is accessible to all? Are you unsure how to make your WordPress website ADA compliant? ADA compliance is an essential aspect of web design and development that helps make your site more usable and inclusive to all people, even those with disabilities. This article will walk […]

Why You Need Commercial HVAC Systems 

A commercial HVAC system is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system which provides temperature control and fresh air deliveries to commercial buildings. Air conditioning is also one of the most important systems used in commercial architecture. Their uses are diverse and vital for businesses and organizations. Source: Pexels Here are some of the […]

Pitch Deck Teardown: CleanHub’s $7M seed deck

Plastic in ocean bad. Plastic not in ocean good. That’s, in a nutshell, the pitch for CleanHub. The company has designed a whole business model and a track-and-trace model around that, so brands can rest assured that their plastics don’t end up in the oceans. Who these brands are, and what happens to the plastic […]

Tesla’s margins remind us that it’s an automaker, not a tech company

Tesla’s stock is worth more than that of Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and Stellantis combined. Despite the fact that Tesla is an automaker, it’s valued as more of a tech company, with a share price that puts it in the camp of companies like Apple, Nvidia and Microsoft.  CEO Elon Musk has attributed the […]

65 Stats to Know About Entrepreneurship in 2023

Here are some key statistics to know about the state of entrepreneurship in 2023. And if you’re in a pinch, jump to the information you need. While it’s a great asset, formal education isn’t the only way to become a business owner, as 30% of entrepreneurs only have high school diplomas. 35. 13% of entrepreneurs […]