In this final installment of the series 3 Reasons You’re Not Converting like you should, we look at the third major reason behind a lack of conversion.

And the 3rd reason, following a misuse of time and a misuse of focus for the conversation, is a misuse of connection.

During this lively group discussion, some of the advisors took the stance that…

“How can you even think about moving forward with prospects if you haven’t learned about their family and shared with your story with them of why you’re doing what you do and how excited you are to be able to help more people?”

While others in the group took the position that…

“I don’t think that matters. What they need to understand is that we have the expertise to help them and that we can tackle whatever situation they have and be able to get them to the other side as they desire.”

What’s interesting is that both sides are right. The connection that’s needed at the start of the process, and the conversation, with prospective clients can differ depending on that person and whether they’re analytical or they’re more emotion/relationship-based.

What matters is that you give each person the opportunity to connect in the way they want or need before getting into the agenda or business at hand.

How do we do that? How do we make sure that we are connecting?

First, be prepared. Prepare for the conversation’s objective while knowing that you’re not going to get to the root of the information exchange that needs to happen without some sort of connection with that person.

How you connect with each prospect will vary. You may connect:

What’s important is to be aware that the research and preparation ahead of time allows you the opportunity to make that first attempt at a connection.

Likewise, if somebody gives short answers to your attempts to make a personal connection, that’s their sign that the connection can be more agenda- and business-focused.

But you’re the one who must create this opportunity to connect. It’s up to you to give them that chance to show you what’s important to them.

Depending on how much time you have with them, relationship- or socially-oriented people may want to spend 75% of your first conversation at that stage of personal connection. That’s okay because they’re getting what they need and will increase your probability to a next step.

One advisor said:

Gosh I spend so much time in the connection stage and I didn’t realize that might be off putting to people who don’t need that time.” 

He realized that what he needed for connection versus what they needed for connection could be very different. He saw that his “do unto others as I like” approach was not serving him well and his conversion rate was very low.

You will form better connections with people by focusing on what they need, and find your conversion, especially from that first meeting to the next step, will increase with these better connections.

These 3 reasons are fixable! You can edit your process and approach if you step back and look at how you are using your time, where you are focused during the conversation, and how you’re connecting with people before beginning the business at hand.

I can guarantee you if you if you take those misses and flip them into strengths you are going to convert it a much higher level than you currently are.



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