Dee and Chris chat about our latest take on Project Management (PM), a somewhat tricky topic for us with such a small team where literally everyone is an individual contributor (IC) with a lot on their shoulders aside from PM.

We’re attempting a project of large scale, so part of what has helped us so far is scoping the project into phases releases. That way work that we know is in a later release can be put off until we’re literally working on that release. Without at least that prioritization, things would take much longer. The releases are also chunked into sub-projects with a no-too-little and not-too-big quality, and within those projects is where the kan-baning happens. If we can keep the whole team on one project (or at least a group of 2-3), it limits the context switching which also helps speed and productivity.

We use Notion for most of this work, and it’s been nice to keep literally all of it (all the way up through all the phases) in one big database, then we scope the views down to phases and projects and cards. Each card we make sure has a very actionable tone to it and includes everything one might need to finish the task, including decisions, previous conversations, relevant other tickets, etc. Each card has things you might expect like who is working on it, the current status, whether it’s blocked or not, and several other useful bits of metadata. It also contains time estimates, so we can, at a glance, see how far we’ve come and what’s left on any given project. We know things like time estimates can change quite a bit, but everyone is well aware of that and isn’t beholden to the numbers. It just gives us some idea of what is going on other than feeling like we’re entirely driving blind. Each week we take a look at the progress together as a team.

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