For the sake of your customers —  and the planet — it’s critical to make sustainable ecommerce a priority. From more mindful packaging to greener delivery options, here are a few practical ways to make a real and lasting impact. 

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As soon as a customer clicks the Buy button, the countdown to delivery begins. On any given day, shoppers expect zippy fulfillment, but during the holidays, fast delivery is even more important. How do brands balance lightning-fast fulfillment with sustainability? You can get the best of both worlds with optimized routing, environmentally friendly workflows, and integrated data that helps you track your carbon footprint. 

Order management is just one part of the supply chain. You can also home in on your suppliers’ environmental impact, and compare it to your sustainability goals. Do your partners make environmentally sound decisions? The answers to this question can help minimize waste in the supply chain. 

To involve suppliers in your sustainable ecommerce efforts — and make sure you’re all on the same page — communicate your expectations through a supplier code of conduct. After they agree to the terms, consider performing audits to gauge performance. 

Sustainability efforts should start with your business processes, but that’s not where they have to end. Your customers want to play an active role, too. Give them the opportunities they’re looking for by implementing convenient, engaging experiences throughout the journey. 

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Consider messaging at every stage of the journey: on your homepage, within product descriptions and detail pages, and even in shipping options. Take these moments as opportunities to paint a picture for your customers that gives them real-world examples of how your brand treats the planet — and how they can be part of it. 

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