2022 has gone by. All endings not only pave the way for new beginnings but also give an opportunity to look back. In retrospect, we see that the year was marked by the rising popularity of several text-to-image generators like Dall-E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, widening use cases of Metaverse, US–China chip war, tech sector layoffs, crypto volatility and much more. In this article, we gauge the buzz created by different innovations in tech to engage the community’s curiosity.
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Behaviour trees are originally developed in the gaming industries that are mainly used for performing actions or sets of actions in a managerial way. We can also use this tree in reinforcement learning.
To improve the coherence time of Qubits, researchers are trying to make new materials like superconducting Qubits and many more.
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As per a QuantHub report, 67 per cent of the surveyed companies said that
Hand gestures can be used for input in place of keyboards and a mouse to make computers accessible to stroke patients with partial paralysis.
It is often said that we are amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution and given
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