If you have been trading in the stock market for quite some time now, you are well aware that you have to play every card right to see a solid return on your investments. While it’s quite difficult to pinpoint towards which strong companies you should direct your funds, following the tried and true methods of analyzing the company, the stock, and the market will never fail you.

In addition to that, employing tactics such as Fibonacci Retracements to recognize support and resistance levels will set you up for success and help you determine whether the investment is sound and whether you will enjoy profit after its prices soar. 

Once you have all the right tools to help you along your trading way, you can start preparing your funds. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some stock options that might bring a lot of ROI your way.

The GOOGL stock needs no introduction. Alphabet, the company behind the GOOG and GOOGL stock, is one of the largest and most captivating technology companies that are creating products that shape the future.

They always come up with interesting software and hardware products that are beloved and sought after by both businesses and individuals. All in all, you can always bet on Alphabet to raise the stakes in the industry and offer something spectacular for consumers. But what does that mean for stock investors?

Given that those quality products bring Alphabet huge profit margins, investors can rest assured that investing to help Alphabet realize its vision will bring them ROI. On that note, now might be the best time to get your hand on a couple of shares. Google’s conversational AI, “Bard”, hasn’t had the launch everyone expected. It generated answers that were not factual, and this led to the stocks tanking in price.

Without a doubt, the company behind Bard will want to bounce back and deliver a conversation AI bot that rivals the current ones, and when they do that, you can rest assured that GOOGL stocks will soar in price. So, if you were waiting for the right opportunity to invest in the way of the future, now is your chance.

It’s worth mentioning that Google divided its publicly traded stocks into two parts. GOOGL and GOOG. GOOGL is considered much more valuable as shareholders enjoy voting rights.

While AAPL went through a rough period in 2022, it seems that Apple is finally ready to bounce back. Now, the iPhone makers trade at 152,55 USD per share, and it’s expected for this stock to reach a value of just below $200, or $195, to be precise.

If you have the funds to invest in Apple now, you might be able to enjoy solid profits by the end of the year and ensure that you are part of a company that strives to bring next-generation technology to the masses.

Visa is leading the world of digital transactions and operates the world’s largest electronic payment network. Experts say that Visa has a business model that is absolutely recession-proof, so you can only expect the digital payment company’s stocks to rise in value as we progress toward the future.

All of these companies are industry leaders and have the capacity to release products that can directly influence their stock prices. If you want to ensure that you are always making the right decision in the stock market, carefully analyze the stocks you are interested in and keep up with the latest market updates.

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