Sometimes your startup launch takes so much of your time that you forget to take care of your mental health. Podcasts are a great way to take a break from the business and immerse yourself in a healthy distraction. If you are a fan of true crime stories, you have probably already given true crime podcasts a go. However, with the saturation of such podcasts all across the internet, good stories and storytellers still require some research and investigation. Investigation pun intended.

Whether you are interested in true crime because of the largely unfathomable human psychology that makes people turn to horrifying and unthinkable choices in life or an entirely different reason, you still need a business distraction, and we are here with the list of the must-hear true crime podcasts out there. 

If you thought these podcasts are something very specific that only a small portion of the population tunes into, you would be wrong. On the contrary. Estimates state that just 30% of all the people in the United States never tune in to listen to true crime podcasts. 

To be more specific, the survey in question states that half of the population in the United States enjoys diving into true crime content, with ⅓ watching it up to several times every week. Another interesting fact is that women are more likely to tune into such content than men. While most of this content is absorbed through TV, 17% do it through podcasts.

If you are considering a true crime podcast career for yourself, these numbers speak for themselves. There is ample audience and opportunity to give this type of podcast a go. It can be a great side hustle business as well.

This highly popular and widely followed podcast began its production of true crime content six years ago. Since 2016, this podcast, created by an anonymous Australian, has amassed a large following and hundreds of millions in terms of downloads of its well-picked stories.

New episodes drop every Sunday and are accessible through a variety of platforms, such as their web page and YouTube. If you want even more content, you will be looking at paid subscriptions that come in an ad-free variant. 

If you are on the hunt for a truly sensational podcast in true crime, The Minds of Madness is your next favorite thing. Often described as captivating and vastly interesting, we are more than sure that this proposal won’t disappoint even those with the highest of expectations. As entrepreneurs are often thought to have their own madness, it is easy to relate.

You know those times you find a really good podcast but it has an annoying voice? Well, you’re in for a treat. This particular podcast has been widely praised due to its great listening experience stemming from a pleasant voice, storytelling, and story layout. 

Coming to us from Toronto, this award-winning podcast is sure to keep you in awe. As opposed to some which just cover the act itself, this one takes a deep dive into human psychology with forensic professionals as well as survivors tuning into the podcasts as well. 

Just a friendly reminder. If you click on the merch on their website, you’ll probably be looking into a full shopping cart, filled with an insane variety of excellent true crime merch.

This is an oddly specific choice, but it is a true crime podcast that has amassed a staggering 7 million followers on YouTube alone. Because all episodes are posted on YouTube, you don’t have to worry about accessibility or any payment for content. 

The Youtuber Bailey Sarian has become the face of YouTube’s true crime stories. However, this particular content creator comes with a twist. While speaking about serious topics, Sarian retains an eerie vibe with excellent storytelling capacity all while doing her makeup. 

Don’t worry, she doesn’t go into the makeup part at all so it won’t feel like a tutorial. She just multitasks explaining a heavy story with extensive details while doing intricate makeup looks. 

We cannot recommend this choice enough. If we’ve piqued your interest, give it a go. Sarian also does Dark History podcasts, where she takes an alternative look back on important historical periods but in a way where you’d wish she was your history teacher all along. 

There is nothing more important than an entrepreneur’s mental health. A good true crime podcast fits the bill as a healthy distraction from the stresses of launching and scaling your business.

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