ARTIFICIAL intelligence has offered a horrifying vision of what the world faces in nuclear armageddon and World War 3.
Responding to prompts such as "nuclear bomb", "war" and "apocalypse" – the AI tool produced a series of truly grim pictures which could offer a glimpse into the future.
Pictures show devastated cityscapes burning with what could be nuclear fire and grim looking soldiers amongst the ruins.
Mushroom clouds rise over desolate landscapes – including one seen looming beside the US Capitol building in Washington DC.
Strange looking machines rumble in what the AI envisioned could be the weapons of the future
And lone figures walk amongst eerie, unrecognisable hellscapes when the AI was asked who it thinks could be the "last man on earth".
Huge fireballs are seen descending towards burning cities in what could be a nuclear attack.
Soldiers walk amongst ruined landscapes as aircraft, appearing to be giant quadcopter drones fly overhead.
And when asked about what could happen to London, it produced what appears to be an image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
And another image shows what could be Oxford or Regent Street utterly deserted as its left in total ruin.
Other images show a horde of hopeless looking people stood amongst the ruins of an unidentified city.
Piles of rubble surround them as they hunker beneath the ruins of what may have once been a skyscraper.
And one chilling image shows the Washington Monument – two of them – with a mushroom cloud rising around them.
Massive vehicles are also seen hauling huge missiles in the AI generated images.
Enormous tank-like machines are also seen in the pictures.
Could this really be what the world will look like during a nuclear apocalypse and World War 3?
The AI system of course just responds to the limited prompts given to it rather than world events, but right now the talk of Armageddon has been compared to the height of the Cold War.
AI system NightCafe Creator was used to produce the images – and its one of many new tools showing the boundaries of computer tech.
It works by simply offering a few words as a prompt before the system then produces a piece of "art".
The system was invented by Angus Russell and takes its name from the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting the The Night Cafe.
It uses machine learning and a neural network to put together pictures based on the prompts offered to it by humans.
AI generated art has caused controversy as some systems are allowing users to actually sell their pieces.
NightCafe does not offer this function.
The first piece of AI art was sold in US was titled Portrait of Edmond Belamy – going for well over the asking price at $432,000 back in 2018.
The AI's visions of nuclear war come as the world sits on a knife edge over Vladimir Putin's brutal war in Ukraine.
With tens of thousands of troops dead and his army collapsing, Vlad's ultimate fate now seems tied to the conflict – which is the biggest in Europe since World War 2.
But before he gives up – Putin could press the nuclear button.
Russia has been dangling the threat of nukes over Ukraine as its forces continue to be pushed back.
Moscow has red lines in its doctrine about when to use nukes – but they are softer than those in the West.
It is widely understood the current nuclear threats are referring specifically to smaller, tactical weapons designed for battlefield use rather than massive city-killing bombs.
The Kremlin is happy to use the weapons if it considers there is an "existential threat" to Russia.
Putin's commanders believed they could roll over Ukraine in a matter of days – but now the war has been raging for eight months.
They convinced Russia troops they would be greeted with cheers and waving flags as "liberators", instead they were faced with Kalashnikovs and molotov cocktails as invaders.
Putin's war has become a slow and brutal quagmire – one which has seen the Russians change tactics, moving from attempts at surgical strikes to savage, indiscriminate attacks on civilians.
With further defeats on the horizon, a seemingly hopeless mass mobilisation, and a resurgent Ukraine storming towards their new "territory" – stoking fears the war could escalate once again.
Russia is thought to have around 2,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal in the form of small yield missiles, torpedoes and artillery shells.
Moscow's war doctrine is believed to be open to using nuclear weapons in a conventional conflict as an intimidation tactic – and use of such a weapon must be signed off personally by Putin.
The tactic became known as "escalate to de-escalate".
And it seems Putin is also escalating his hybrid war on Europe, with Russia the prime suspect in attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.
With winter looming over Ukraine and the Russian defeats mounting, the world awaits with baited breath to see what Vlad will do next and the what response – if any – there will be from the West.
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