One of the most exciting things about the emergence of the metaverse is that nobody really knows what its final form will look like. However, in a virtual world with perfect weather and few limitations, it seems likely that fashion will thrive on a scale that we’ve never seen before.

Brands like Gucci are already selling metaverse products for a higher price than their real-world counterparts, but is the buying and selling of fashion that we can’t actually experience in real life really going to catch on? If the world of gaming is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

So, if metaverse fashion is inevitable, what will it look like? What will the metaverse fashion impact be? The answer to this can be a little more tricky, simply because we’re going to be transferring our traditional fashion tastes into worlds where rules simply don’t apply. 

How would you dress in a virtual environment where your clothes are digitally guaranteed within NFTs and are immune to the elements and wear and tear over time? Depending on how the metaverse evolves, users could be capable of wearing their favorite outfits every day, and in every scenario–whether they’re attending a virtual social event or playing golf. 

These clothes could be bought and traded across NFT market places to keep looks in-line with the latest trends, and it would be possible to switch styles in seconds to try out fresh color combinations and trending outfits. 

Furthermore, there will be no need for seasonal wear in a metaverse without seasons, so fashion would abandon its pre-existing cycles, leaving brands to grow in any direction they want. 

There’s been no shortage of brands seeking to build into the metaverse, so what direction is digital fashion taking in these early stages of collaborations?

When Ralph Lauren teamed up with Roblox in late 2021, it was immediately apparent that brands wanted their specialist digital designs to be recognizable. 

In a landscape where avatars are perpetually interconnected with other users, the emergence of metaverse fashion can double up as an excellent marketing tool for fashion designers. 

When it comes to new technological frontiers, and especially those that carry major market opportunities for brands, the most likely metaverse fashion impact is that more aggressive marketing approaches will reign supreme. 

While there may be a push for fashion mundanity that closely replicates real-life clothing trends in response to the hyper-creative and outlandish fashion trends of the metaverse, we’re far more likely to see a gold rush for users to adopt their favorite brands and stand out from the crowd as the metaverse becomes more mainstream. 

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