The panel, which took place at the Variety Entertainment Summit on Friday, revealed how heavily Marc was involved in the management of the D’Amelio family empire, as he handled answering most of the interviewer’s questions about the upcoming branded products and other D’Amelio family ventures. At one point, Dixie even complimented her father’s business-savvy, explaining that “Charli and I always went to my dad for advice on deals and even long-term friendships,” and how “trusting him has been the best thing for both of our careers.”

The company will have its first board meeting at the end of January, Marc noted.

“We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel,” he said. “We saw other creators and other people come out and own their brands 100%. So we started this company called D’Amelio Brands where the main focus is finding ideas, concepts, and products that we’re passionate about and basically incubating them — and start to create things that we own with our investors 100%.”

“…Doing content creation for brands and endorsement deals, you start to get into a hamster wheel,” he said. “They’re not movie stars. They’re not doing a movie and then taking time off. It’s ‘what’s the next deal, what’s the deal, what’s the next deal?’ I think what we’re trying to do is — I’m trying to create businesses that will work; that the girls can start incubating, plant the seed. And then I would love to have it where it can survive without any of us.”

Dixie admitted they’ve had a “lot of back and forth feelings” about doing the series but ultimately believes that its ability to raise awareness about mental health issues, as related to social media fame, was worth the effort.

“We do enjoy doing it because we film the videos, and then we put our phones down. My family and I all talk a lot about mental health and how important that was. To be able to share that journey on the show has been amazing,” said Dixie. “And that’s probably something I love the most — being able to talk to people about — not just, ‘oh, doing TikTok hurts my mental health’ but…being able to realize other people relate to that has made me feel good,” she said.

D’Amelio family’s new footwear line to launch May 2023 by Sarah Perez originally published on TechCrunch