Do you remember all of your burning questions in 2022? We did that and gathered the top 10 questions you’ve been asking us about in Dataconomy Wrapped 2022. There were numerous additions to our regular routines this year and another year has come to a close. If there is one thing that has stood out above all others in 2022, it is unquestionably artificial intelligence.
Don’t be scared of AI jargon; we have created a detailed AI glossary for the most commonly used artificial intelligence terms and explain the basics of artificial intelligence as well as the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. But security always comes first, right?
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Since the breach in 2017, 147 million people have anxiously awaited the settlement and 2022 finally gave what they want.  As much as $425 million of the settlement money would go toward helping anyone who was harmed by the data breach. So people wondered, how the Equifax data breach settlement payment process work and found the answers in Dataconomy.
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On September 7th, 2017, Equifax, a credit reporting organization, disclosed that a data leak had occurred within one of its computer networks, compromising the personal information of 143 million clients. This number was later revised upward to 147 million. It held sensitive information such as customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and credit card details, making it vulnerable to identity theft and other forms of fraud.
With these numbers, the Equifax data breach became the eleventh biggest data breach in the U.S., according to Identity Theft Resource Center.
At the end of 2022, Equifax data breach payments began with prepaid cards. Equifax data breach settlement prepaid card option is being offered to people who are suffering from the massive data breach.
Read our post about the Equifax data breach settlement if you haven’t heard about it yet or if you just need a refresher. After that, it’s time for the biggest trend of the year.
Other settlements that made the news this year: T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement, Epic Games settlementATT settlementTiktok data privacy settlementSnapchat privacy settlementand Google location tracking lawsuit settlement
Welcome to the AI-driven era! Yes, we said it a lot in 2022. Because nearly every day, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is unveiled to further improve our daily lives, and the vast majority of these tools appear to become indispensable. Lensa AI is one of the most loved ones, especially in image generators. Have you not seen those cool profile pictures?
The Lensa AI selfie generator software is a photo editor that uses artificial intelligence to make unique “magic avatars” that can be quickly shared and edited in various ways.
Which is the No 1 photo editing app in the world? Although Lensa AI has been available since 2018, the release of the app’s “magic avatars” feature in late November propelled it to the top of the “Photo & Video” charts on the iOS App Store, despite the app’s competition. On the other hand, Instagram was ranked fourth and YouTube third at the time of writing.
Since we introduced our AI-generated avatars here, the hype has gone over the roof. Among the first and most voted names of whom we should do next, you named Casey Neistat.
So we've braced ourselves, prepared more bandwidth on servers, and are happy to show @Casey as seen by AI
— Prisma Labs (@PrismaAI) November 29, 2022

How to use Lensa AI selfie generator? Yes, a lot of people asked it and found answers here.
The use of artificial intelligence tools is transforming not just our routines but also our living spaces and Interior AI successfully deliver the assignment. The digital interior designer is helping people that want to redecorate their homes for a while.
With the help of AI, people can give their homes a whole new look and add all sorts of cool, cutting-edge designs. Whether it’s a user-provided photo or a downloaded image, the software takes as input a 2D representation of an indoor space in a theme that you want to try.
One of 32 available interior designs can be applied to an image by the Interior AI:
Quite enjoyable, wouldn’t you agree? There are a large number of people that see things your way, therefore it seems sensible that the Interior AI tool was quite popular.
Again, this was the year of artificial intelligence. Dawn AI was just one of the tools that got its share of this hype. Dawn AI’s intuitive interface makes it easy to generate high-quality images using artificial intelligence.
With a simple prompt, Dawn AI can produce whole new images with the touch of a button. Simply tell the AI art generator what genre or famous artist to emulate, and it will produce works in that vein.
Is text-to-image boring now? Meet sketch to image. Dawn AI offers a unique and entertaining function called Sketch that lets you design a rough draft of the required artwork rather than just entering it in.
Are you curious about it and wondering how to use Dawn AI? Read our article about it and find out!
One of Elon Musk’s biggest problems is entering our list at number five. After Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, chaos emerged, which worked out well for the fediverse Mastodon.
Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is a distributed social network where users register on various servers or nodes, each of which has its own theme, regulations, lingo, and moderation policies. Yet, there is a major issue that needs to be addressed. It has an unusual and sophisticated user interface. Mastodon requires you to join a server, and every new user automatically wonders, “Which server should I join?”
So, we have already explained both what is Mastodon and the best Mastodon servers to join.
Are you hesitant the join Mastodon? Check out our Mastodon vs Twitter comparison and learn all the differences between them.
Do you want to quit Instagram too? Try Mastodon-like open source and decentralized Instagram alternative Pixelfed
As we mentioned above, AI art is the new hype and when NovelAI added its image generation, it became one of the early birds to join the trend.
NovelAI's Image Generation, #NovelAIDiffusion is live on now!
NovelAI Diffusion Anime image generation is uniquely tailored to give you a creative tool to visualize your visions without limitations, allowing you to paint the stories of your imagination.
— NovelAI (@novelaiofficial) October 3, 2022

Before it released its image generation feature, NovelAI was already quite popular as an AI writing tool. Even these are some books were written with it, such as The Story of Your Life, My Personable Demon, and more.
To summarize, these are the best NovelAI features:
For detailed information, we already explained what is NovelAI.
Anime and AI together just make perfect sense. Tencent thought the same way as we did and released the QQ Different Dimension Me anime image generator that people loved so much.
Different Dimension Me is an AI-driven system that can generate images of you, your friends, or even memes. The application went viral after it was released on the Tencent QQ platform in November 2022 and let users create animated versions of themselves or their favored non-anime characters.
#qq #diferentdimentionme
♬ RAVE – Dxrk ダーク

You will finally find your anime version: But first, you should learn how to use Tencent’s Anime AI.
Really, do you know how to do the Instagram trend? There are various tools and filters and more that confused the users. So, we gathered all of them in an article and explain how to use them.
Dataconomy Wrapped: Summary of 2022 includes the big news like Equifax data breach settlement, Lensa AI, Interior AI, Dawn AI, Mastodon, NovelAI, QQ Different Dimension Me, Meitu AI Art, and SQL vs NoSQL.
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Neither Tencent nor ourselves are the only ones who have made the connection between anime and artificial intelligence. As you may have noticed, the feeds on TikTok and Twitter were full of anime images, and a well-known photo editing tool Meitu was behind it.
China-based photo and video editing software Meitu employs artificial intelligence to produce lifelike images of anime characters. The program features a variety of filters that you can use to transform yourself into anime characters.
meitu AI art is my new obsession lmao
— alice • in love with han jisung ! (@alicee_lvr) December 4, 2022

The recent online craze allows users to turn selfies into anime images, check out how to use Meitu AI Art.
We have explained some of the best AI tools like OpenAI ChatGPT, Uberduck AIMOVIO AIMake-A-Video, and AI Dungeon too. Do you know there are also AI art robots? Check the Ai-Da.
Are you into AI image generation? You can try these tools:
The differences between SQL and NoSQL one the most looked answers in Dataconomy. Check out the overview:
Read our SQL vs NoSQL comparison to find out more information.
This is the end of Dataconomy Wrapped 2022. What do you think awaits us next year? Stay tuned and never miss the trends.
Happy new year!