Did you know that your offices can greatly influence your employees’ workplace productivity? Well, we are here to tell you that the layout of your offices, the lighting, and even the color scheme can have a positive effect on the atmosphere, you just need to get it right. Of course, there are a few other factors to consider, so read on if you are interested.

More and more people are complaining of back, hip and neck issues, and they are mostly correlated with long hours of sitting at a desk – which is usually at work. People suffering from chronic pain are far from healthy and productive, so it would be good to have some comfortable furniture to alleviate these issues. We’re talking comfortable computer chairs with enough back support, desks of the right height, and lounge areas where your employees can sit back, and maybe even lie down for a couple of minutes. It would also be a great idea to implement adjustable desks that can go from regular sitting desks to standing desks. To add to that, there are even treadmills designed for standing desks, and you can give your employees the opportunity to choose their preferred office furniture.

Just like light, color greatly influences our mood. Depending on your brand, your color scheme should be designed to boost productivity, not inhibit it. Having that in mind, there are certain color schemes that are especially pleasing to the eye like white and beige, which are great for spas, or therapist offices. There are colors that energize, like red and yellow, which are great for a dynamic and fast paced environment, like a fast-food restaurant. Green and blue shades are great for businesses which require concentration, which is why banks and law firms seem to like them so much. The colors you choose depend only on your business and employees. Of course, you can paint different spaces in different colors, depending on their purpose.

Sufficient to say, if you cannot change the color scheme of your offices, you can at least add a dash of nature. Office plants are the best way your employees can destress, since having greenery around greatly reduces anxiety and stress. Moreover, looking after plants can be extremely therapeutic for everyone, not to mention those colleagues with a green thumb. And what better excuse to personalize your space than to add whimsical and decorative pots and vases.

Nothing is more demoralizing and distracting than stacks of unsorted files, papers and supplies all over your work desk. Your space is a reflection of your mind, and if your space is disorganized, that means your mid is disorganized as well. It can also be a problem if an office doesn’t have enough storage space for all that clutter. From enough shelves, to decorative storge boxes, every office should be supplied with elegant storage solutions, which in turn may boost the productivity of your employees.

While they may seem like details, these factors we’ve mentioned in fact can improve or inhibit the workplace productivity of your employees. Think about your business, and your employees, and consider the color scheme, lighting, and the amount of fresh air in your office. For an added boost in employee satisfaction, you can add plants and change the layout of your offices.

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