Winners: people at the top of their game, successful, productive, and moving forward.

Who doesn’t want to be a winner? These are the people who get respect and admiration from others. But what does it take for YOU to be a winner in what is most important to YOU?

Some people think winners are just lucky. But most winners know that it’s like the swans you see swimming–beautiful and effortless from above–with a lot of activity under the water.

But your actions and activity need to be centered. This starts with your thinking. If your mind is focused on the negative, that’s most likely what will follow. If your mind focuses on the possibilities and can “see” the success, that’s most likely what will follow—if action is taken.

In my work with financial professionals, I see firsthand how the “thinking” plays into their level of success. No technology, new process, or accountability group will make a difference if you have a losing mindset. It starts with belief in yourself and belief in opportunities.

Statements such as these show the lack of winning mindset:

These statements are driven from a non-winning mindset and get in the way of controlling what you can…your actions. YOU have more control than you think, and it starts with your thinking.

What you believe, will be.

What can you do? Well, work on developing your winning mindset! And then make choices about where to spend your energy, time, and focus!

It’s easy to say just stop the “losing” thoughts, but we need more than that. Here are some powerful resources to help you.

Powerful books (some oldies, but goodies included):

Powerful Podcasts:

Powerful Quotes:  

These resources provide ideas to ensure we stay on the winning track without getting sidelined.

What will you do today to build your winning thoughts?

What else do you recommend for building a winning mindset?

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