The report noted that Twitter is rushing to launch this new subscription plan by November 7. What’s more shocking is that the social network is planning to remove verification badges from current holders if they don’t pay for Twitter Blue within 90 days. Given that verified users are present all across the world, it’s hard to enforce this rule unless the subscription program becomes available globally.

Twitter’s “Chief Twit” Musk didn’t really give out the details of the new program but he replied to a conversation between spaceflight photographer John Kraus and a16z partner, Sriram Krishnan, that the verification process is being revamped.

The whole verification process is being revamped right now

The central point of the verification program was to identify genuine profiles of political leaders, celebrities, researchers, and journalists so users don’t fall for the information posted by fake accounts. If the new verification process goes through, it might be a free-for-all where any paid user can pretend to be a person of prominence for a while and spread misinformation.

But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Seven days is a long time in Elonverse and he might come up with a different verification tactic altogether.

Elon Musk is revamping Twitter’s verification system — and it might involve a monthly fee by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch