On Truth Social, West shared a screenshot that indicates he was only suspended from Twitter for 12 hours — a relatively lenient sentence. But West’s account was still suspended as of 1 PM PT on Friday.

Hours prior to his suspension, West openly elaborated his antisemitic beliefs in an interview with Alex Jones. West appeared wearing a full mask on the show and praised Hitler, repeatedly declared his “love” of Nazis and doubled down when a visibly uncomfortable Jones gave him a chance to backtrack.

Anglin’s fans quickly welcomed him back to the platform. One account with an obvious reference to white supremacy in its handle tweeted that it was checking in for duty. Other neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts criticized Musk’s action against West, characterizing them as an unexpected betrayal.

One Telegram channel with thousands of followers cautioned members who planned to head back to Twitter: “Refrain from obvious slurs; don’t make it easy for them.”

Elon Musk just brought an infamous neo-Nazi back to Twitter by Taylor Hatmaker originally published on TechCrunch