Your customers expect convenience in every aspect of the shopping experience, especially the checkout process. They want easy ways to enter information and pay. They want instant calculation of shipping time and costs — especially in this era of cost savings. If it isn’t simple, fast, and safe, they will not hesitate to abandon a cart completely.

We looked at online shopping data from 1 billion global shoppers. 

Here are three ways to keep those carts active and give customers the checkout experience they expect:

Business users also need to have important metrics across commerce and payments, and generate reports and dashboards around them easily. For example, if abandoned cart metrics suddenly increase in a specific part of the world, commerce teams can investigate what’s going wrong during the checkout process and determine the right path forward. 

Companies need to be agile and embrace digital solutions as payment preferences evolve. Make sure your commerce platform makes it easy to provide new payment types. As new payment options gain popularity, they need to integrate with the platform and quickly become operational.

5 min read

5 min read

As commerce goes increasingly digital, bad actors follow the money. Strong fraud detection and prevention are essential; they should accurately target nefarious activity without hampering legitimate purchases. The right balance builds customer loyalty and brand trust. False positives and expensive manual reviews frustrate customers, while not enough monitoring can damage a brand’s reputation or even take a site offline. 

Machine learning goes a long way toward preventing fraud. Once new scams are detected, similar attempts are also flagged. The right payment solutions mine data to constantly improve their fraud detection and prevention.

With the right ecommerce payment solution, the customer journey doesn’t fall apart at check out. If finalizing the purchase is quick and easy — not to mention safe from fraud — the customer is left satisfied and eagerly anticipating delivery of the product. The purchase may be the final step of a customer’s journey with your company — make sure it’s a positive one.

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