Finance & Buyouts

Finance your startup

Financing a startup is critical for it’s growth and investment. Startups often end up quiting due to lack or shortage of finances. We help startups raise funding to support growth and maximize  value. There are different ways of funding your startup. Financing solutions come with different risks and requirements. We help startups suitably position to attract and manage the right type of financing.

Grants refer to cash injections into startups where startups don't have to repay.
Debt Financing
Debt financing involves cash financing where the startup has to repay with interest.
Equity Financing
Equity financing involves cash financing where the financier get's a percentage of ownership.
Buyouts involves selling of the startup where the founders transfer ownership rights.
It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.
- Scott Belsky

We help you solve finance challenges for your startup

We start with the end in mind. Raising funding involves a rigorous process where the founders have to make sure that their startups is best positioned to get the ideal financing required to support its investments. We work with the founders to target right financiers and prudently utilise the raised funds. We also help startups exit through buyouts where the founders receive payment in cash or stock options.

Startup financing can be a difficult and lonely process. We walk with you to help get through this successfully.