TechCrunch editors and expert judges winnowed them down to the following five finalists who will be presenting in front of a whole new panel of judges on the last day of Disrupt, October 20, 2022:

Swap Robotics manufactures electric grass-cutting and snow removal robots and detailed onstage how it’s making sustainable outdoor work equipment. For the next few years, 95% of the startup’s focus will be on facilitating robots that cut grass and vegetation on 1,000+ acre utility-scale solar farms. The company’s secondary focus is sidewalk snow plowing. The team decided it would be their mission to create a solution that could sustainably cut grass in a controlled environment. Swap Robotics was aware that solar vegetation cutting comes with its challenges, as it requires a unique type of cutting deck that is able to get underneath solar panels, and recognized that a robotic solution could address the problem.

Here are the 5 finalists of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2022 by Matt Burns originally published on TechCrunch