Artificial Intelligence has been advancing at an incredibly fast pace of late and last year saw the emergence of several useful tools. Image generators showed us how AI can be used to create high-quality art in a matter of seconds, while chatbots have already started writing essays for us. But perhaps the most popular in these two categories are OpenAI products ChatGPT and Dall-E, both of which are built on top of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model. Here’s how you can sign up for both and begin experiencing them immediately.
Launched on November 30 last year, ChatGPT is an extremely capable AI chatbot that can respond to queries just like a human would, answer follow-up questions, and even admit its mistakes. It is based on the company’s GPT 3.5 series of language learning models (LLM), which uses deep learning techniques to produce human-like text based on inputs.
Currently, ChatGPT is available to access for all users in beta. To try it you’d first have to open up on any browser on any platform. While the bot is free to use, you’ll have to create an OpenAI account first in order to access it.
The ChatGPT site will prompt you to sign up/login if you aren’t already logged in. You can sign up using an email ID or a Google or Microsoft account.
Once the account has been created, just drop a “Hi” into the text field at the bottom of ChatGPT interface to start a conversation.
Dall-E is also a language model like ChatGPT, except it produces pictures rather than text. It was trained on a large number of images with accompanying captions, allowing it to create original images from scratch from nothing but text descriptions.
You can feed it extremely specific text descriptions and still expect workable output. While the first version of the image generator that was launched in January 2021 had limited ability, Dall-E 2 generates images that are almost photorealistic.
Dall-E 2 was first opened to everyone on September 28, with its waitlist requirement being done away with. If you’ve already created an OpenAI account using the steps above, then all you need to do is login in order to start using it. You can access it from
If you don’t have an account, then head to the website above and tap on the sign-up button at the top. You can sign up using an email ID or a Google or Microsoft account.
Once signed up, you will get 50 free credits. Each time you get Dall-E to generate something for you, some of these credits will be used. You will receive 15 free credits every month after the first. You can buy more credits if you run out.
Using Dall-E is simple. All you need to do is enter a text prompt into the text field you’ll see on the Dall-E interface and hit enter. Dall-E will take some time to generate images. When done, it’ll output four unique images for you.
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