Today, we’ll cover the easiest ways to add social media icons to your email signature, plus offer a few free resources to get it done. After that, we’ll cover a few common questions, including:

Below, we’ll discuss how and when you’d use either method.

Those tasks have to be done manually when using the other method, and messing up even one can make your email look unprofessional.

To add social icons with the generator:

Maybe you’re already happy with your signature, and you just need to add social media icons. If that’s the case, most email clients (like Gmail, Outlook, etc.) will allow you to add them as an image to your signature.

One important note: You’ll want to add the icons using the image address or image URL, and not by uploading the images to your email client. That second method will add the images as an attachment to all your outgoing emails. Adding unnecessary attachments can potentially affect your delivery rates.

For each social media site you’ll need to:

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Below, you’ll find links to each social media site’s brand kit. In each kit, you’ll find other sizes, shapes, colors, and file types.

Please note: By downloading the icons from a brand kit and uploading them to your email client, you’ll be adding them as an attachment to all your outgoing emails. Adding attachments could affect your delivery rate.

You can avoid this by adding them using the methods described earlier in the blog.

But no matter what generation your customers are, giving them more options makes it easier for them to contact you.

Your social media icons need to be large enough that your recipients can easily click or tap on them. But they still need to be small enough to not distract from the rest of your email signature.

If you’re adding them manually, start by looking for icons that are roughly 21px by 21px and adjust from there.

Otherwise, an email signature generator should automatically size them to fit your signature.

Your email signature should include 3 to 5 links to the social media sites that are most relevant to your business.

For example, a freelance photographer would definitely want to include Instagram. On the other hand, a recruiting agency would want to be sure to include LinkedIn.

Whatever you decide, just be sure not to include any unused icons. Broken links of any kind can make your emails seem unprofessional.

Some popular social media sites to consider include:

In general, your social media icons should link to your business’s social media accounts. This creates a uniform customer experience, and it’s also a great way to boost your number of followers.

The exception to this rule is an employee who needs to be contacted directly. For example, a recruiter or sales rep may find it useful to link to their professional LinkedIn account.

You’ll want to avoid linking to personal accounts, even if you’re the sole owner of the business. Your private social media may not always reflect the image you want to convey to your customers.






No matter which method you choose, adding social media icons to your email signature is a benefit to you and your customers. You’ll boost engagement with your brand, and your customers get to use the platforms they’re already comfortable with.