Whether you’re looking to launch a career in STEM, are considering retraining, or are here to work out what the acronym even means, you’re in the right place! Read on as we share five top tips for pursuing a fruitful STEM career, as well as five reasons to seriously consider a STEM career path.

A STEM career can have a positive impact on your bank balance! Although majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math does not guarantee you’ll secure a career in the same disciplines, it can mean you’ll get a higher pay packet than if you majored in other subjects.

STEM subjects may not usually be considered as creative as more humanities-led topics, but that doesn’t mean they’re not!

If you enjoy being creative and you excel in STEM, there are plenty of career choices that would be perfect for you. For example, being a product or graphic designer, an architect, or a sound engineer could be a natural fit. If your child is at school and beginning to think about career choices, then speaking to a careers advisor can really help.

If you’re interested in working to combat climate change and support sustainability, then a STEM career may be the one for you. For example, you could learn how to create new technologies that offer alternatives to plastic, design electric cars, or research sustainable energy sources.

The subjects can give you a different outlook on the world and the tools to respond to real-world challenges that affect all of us.

Of course, although it would be tricky to jump from being a mathematician to a product designer with no additional training, there are often core principles that can be transferred. For example, problem-solving and technical skill. STEM subjects also tend to be universal languages that enable teams from around the world to collaborate.

“At Envato, we’re training up engineers who will serve as role models to future generations. It’s a big investment for Envato, and so far has produced some excellent engineers who have graduated from the program.”

Mario Visic, Program Mentor

So, what actually is the Envato Developer Apprentice Program? It offers apprentices the chance to take on a high-quality, hands-on experience, with a focus on real-world tasks.

Whether coding dojos, hackathons, or weekend study and coding groups are your bag, there are loads of ways you can test the water and learn as you go.

You can find courses to match your current skillset too and go at your own pace while learning from home.

It’s easier said than done, but overcoming imposter syndrome can start with understanding these feelings are very normal but try to reframe your thoughts—be aware of your imposter syndrome but don’t let it rule you.

If you’re considering a career in STEM, remember that your job of the future may not even exist yet! If the more traditional roles don’t fill you with excitement, then instead try to make a list of all the things that do and match them to your own skills and strengths.

A few decades ago, you may not have thought jobs like Robotic Engineers, Green Power Creators, or Smart Home Designers would have entered the mainstream. Now we don’t batter an eyelid!