Want to know what WordPress themes and plugins your competitors are using? Unsure of what an WordPress Plugin Detector is?

With a WordPress plugin detector, you can find out exactly what plugins and themes are used on any site that uses WordPress. 

Regardless of the type of site you own or plan to create, researching your competitors is a must. Not only do you need to look at the content they create, but how they present it on their website. 

This is where WordPress plugin detectors come in. WordPress plugin detectors scan a WordPress website and let you know exactly what theme and plugins are used. 

You can now use these same themes and plugins on your own website if you think they will work for you. 

In this article, we’ll cover how you can use a WordPress plugin detector. We’ll cover two of the top free options that you can use today. 

Before we cover how to use plugin detectors, let’s cover a great offer that all WordPress users can take advantage of.

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Let’s first cover two free options that you can use to detect what plugins and themes are used on a WordPress site. 

It is important to note that these free options are not one hundred percent accurate.

Not all of the plugins and themes will show up in the detector. The detector might not have the plugin or theme in its database. There might have also been a change in the code of some of the plugins that make the detector miss the plugin. 

The WordPress plugin detectors should be used as a starting point for finding what is used on the website. 

Search results include the following

This service does come with a heavy price tag. The basic plan starts at $295 a month.

To be one hundred percent certain of the plugins and themes that are used, you can always contact the webmaster. You might not always get a response, but this method will work more often than you think. 

Write the webmaster an email complimenting their website and politely ask if they don’t mind sharing what themes and plugins they use. 

Learning the ins and outs of WordPress can be confusing. Check out the articles below on how you can take your WordPress site to the next level and build a successful website. 

WordPress plugin detectors can help you find the exact plugins and themes used on a WordPress website. 

There are two popular free options that you can use to find what plugins and themes sites are using. But to be certain about the plugins and themes used, you can always contact the webmaster. 

For a premium service that gives you much more information about a website than just the plugins and themes used, try Built With.