As a result, the Reels button will now move over to the right of Compose, losing its prime spot.

But in more recent months, there’s been increased backlash over how far Instagram has deviated from its original mission.

The upcoming redesign won’t address all users’ complaints, of course — moving buttons around doesn’t mean the feed itself will change — but it will at least offer a simpler experience for users who just want to post their photos, as before. And by reprioritizing the Compose button, users may feel subtly encouraged to return to posting photos.

The company today says the removal of the Shop tab doesn’t necessarily mean the end of shopping on Instagram, however.

“You will still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide the most value for people and businesses across Feed, Stories, Reels, ads, and more,” a spokesperson said.

Instagram is removing the Shop tab, moving Reels from the center spot in design overhaul next month by Sarah Perez originally published on TechCrunch