New Offering of DEKA Laser Accessories for Surgical Scar Revision. IML’s Expertise in Global Medical Device Marketplace Drives Five Year Record Growth.

IML’s expansion success also includes planned educational resources for the U.S. medical community. 

IML’s continued five year- record of 350% growth has driven its position as an industry-leading laser technology resource, as well as a platform for connection, information, education, and support for its network of manufacturers and dealers, in addition to serving the needs of surgeons specializing in urological, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), ob/gyn, laparoscopy and GI. The enterprise focuses on bringing the best global medical partners to the U.S. market while offering expanded educational opportunities and resources. 

IML’s leadership role as a resource for the U.S. surgical market’s best global medical technology devices has delivered its new partnership with DEKA Trio, offering a novel scanner, just cleared by the FDA, for surgical scar revision. 

“We take an active role with a consultative and collaborative approach to educating, helping, and providing value by understanding the needs of hospitals, surgeons, and patients,” said IML President and Co-Founder John Mooney. “Our deep connections with the best in global medical providers and manufacturers have not only secured our newest global medical offering with DEKA Trio, but it has also positioned us to help share the latest in surgical lasers and the innovative techniques that surgeons need.” 

Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of DEKA and General Manager of its parent company El.En. SpA commented: “Partnering with International Medical Lasers resulted in a positive turnaround in our US presence in the laser surgical sector. The US is a beacon to every other country and what is successful there is bound to become a great success internationally. That’s why our relationship with IML is so important.” 

IML partners with leaders in their respective fields, including internationally recognized medical device companies like Quanta System, DEKA, and Pusen, along with a vast dealer network that helps leading manufacturers broaden their distribution network and expand into the U.S. market. 

As part of IML’s commitment to industry leadership and education, the company will launch educational Toolkits, slated for Q4 2023. The Toolkits will provide dealers with relevant and prompt information, increase understanding, and faster confidence. The IML Toolkits are a value-added resource containing in-depth information about products along with strategic advice, training, and support. 

DEKA M.E.L.A. is a controlled company of the large multinational Italian group EL.EN. The firm, which has more than three decades of laser experience, choses DEKA as its company name which means attainment of perfection and excellence and is also “10” in Greek, the perfect number according to Pythagoras. The Florentine company is rooted in a culture that has made excellence of thought its dominant feature. Due to its invaluable cultural heritage and unique historical background, DEKA encompasses into its vision a promise of universal value: to turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for physicians and patients, and to translate every technological innovation into ongoing improvements for the range of products and services it offers.

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