If you’ve been looking for a simple way to access and quickly navigate between your multiple WordPress.com websites, we have an exciting announcement for you today. We’ve launched a new dashboard to help you manage all your WordPress.com and Jetpack-connected websites.

From here, you can locate a site and jump into its dashboard, launch a site to the public, or view your site’s Hosting Configuration to grab its SFTP details.

For public sites, you’ll see a preview of each site’s homepage, making it easier for you to find the site you’re looking for.

Switch to the “List View” and navigate all of your sites with a more compact presentation:

Switch back to “Grid View” to see larger previews for all of your sites. This display mode is saved for the next time you come back to the page.

This is the first version of the Sites page, and we plan to continue improving it in the future. It’s also the first in a series of new tools for those building multiple sites. Our goal is to make WordPress.com an enjoyable, indispensable part of your workflow.