Mitul Ruparelia is a British Indian born and raised in Wembley (London, UK). He has overcome many personal and professional challenges, from a genetic disability, to poverty, to racial abuse and bullying. With his passion for technology coupled with his desire to help others, Mitul graduated with a First Class in BSc in Computer Information Systems and embarked on his journey to help organisations better serve their customers.

As we both recover from the economic and market effects of the pandemic and potentially head toward a recession, we’ll see different effects across countries, companies, and business sectors. Companies like Citius Partners, utilising the skills of people like Mitul Ruparelia, will become vital to aid recovery and lessen the impact of a recession.

Mitul Ruparelia has 20+ years of experience in delivering world-class scale and field execution strategies. Prior to working with Citius, he helped global businesses generate up to $200M in annual recurring revenue and realise valuations of $1Bn+. Mitul also has a tremendous knowledge of sales systems, having built and led global GTM teams of 70+ people in Sales (inc. Inside Sales), Channel, Pre-Sales, SDRs, Marketing, Customer Success, and Professional Services.

During that time, he had key successes.

Beginning of 2009, Mitul designed and sold a solution that enables mobile operators across the globe to seamlessly exchange SMS, while taking care of billing, settlement, and routing. Aside from enabling 8 billion people to communicate, the technology was patented and today generates $150+ million in annual recurring revenue.

Later in 2014, Mitul played an instrumental role in transforming a loss-making mobile handset business into a profitable, and growing B2B enterprise cyber security business, achieving $2.7 billion in market capital.

At the height of the pandemic, Mitul helped bring seamless/contactless passenger processing (using biometrics) to airports, airlines and border control agencies across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India to help resume air travel. He was featured on CNBC and quoted in The Times for his work.

Using that experience, through Citius Partners, Mitul seeks to help companies by engaging in an interim, fractional, or advisory basis, building their client’s revenue growth through world-class scale and field execution strategies. Their services are built around the ACT framework (Assess, Create and Transform), which is a proven process for accelerating growth.

Citius Partners strongly believes in the idea of doing well by doing good, and the business has engaged in several pro-bono assignments ranging from using tech to teach kids how to code, making education accessible, and improving healthcare and communities in rural parts of India. Who knows, through actions like these, they may discover the next Mitul Ruparelia.

Mitul Ruparelia – Founder, Citius Partners

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