Search engine optimization, otherwise known simply as SEO, is one of the most important marketing strategies in the world today. With so many of our searches for the best products, businesses, and services moving to the internet, having a good online presence is crucial. 

In fact, a well-executed search engine optimization strategy provides business recognition, increases organic reach, and helps create a broader target audience you are interested in. On the other hand, if you do not invest in SEO be sure that your competitors are. 

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility, presence, rank, and traffic of your website organically. The ultimate goal is to reach a broader audience and improve your overall position in the search engine results page, otherwise known as SERP.

Investing in SEO is important to establish a visible presence of all Canadian brands and, in particular, small and medium businesses who can benefit from exposure online. This is a cost-effective branding and outreach measure that can help establish Canadian businesses.  

With increased globalization establishing a completely new playing field for businesses, where Canadian citizens can choose from brands across the entire world, Canadian brands must also obtain good results in terms of ranking on the search engine results page.

What makes search engine optimization such a widely used piece of digital marketing is the, perhaps surprising, fact that anywhere between 70% to 80% of the results the average person clicks on stem from organically ranked search results. 

Its importance lies in bringing traffic, attention, and growth straight to your business. While you might have a good product or service to provide to a larger audience, if that audience can’t find you or your website, you might be losing out on a much larger customer base.

While naming all advantages that come as a product of effective and consistent search engine optimization would take a while, we will name the leading SEO benefits in this article. 

There are several tens of thousands of searches performed every second and that’s just talking about Google searches. Not to panic, however. SEO is there to make sure your web page ranks higher which will open up a new audience and drive organic traffic to your site. 

How pages rank also depends on the process of crawling. It is in that process that web spiders, also known as crawlers, who discover new websites and determine the compatibility of each query with web pages, analyze a variety of factors, including keywords. 

One easy way to make the most of SEO is to use highly used keywords that are applicable to the products or services you offer. The better the keywords, the better the web page content, and the more user-friendly your web page is, the better it will rank for queries. 

Tip: optimize your keywords and include highly sought keywords in your content. 

Customer trust and brand reputation go hand in hand. Making sure your content and web page are easily available, easy to understand, and up-to-date helps establish you as a reputable business that cares about its appearance and availability. 

While you might not think that responding to comments and reviews is that important, we are here to argue that it is. Building engagement is essential for good search engine optimization. Being responsive to inquiries and feedback boosts your web page ranking. 

Pairing frequent and high-quality content with the right keywords optimizes your web page so that crawling to rank it better, in turn putting out a firm image of a reputable business. 

Tip: create engaging and up-to-date content, establish a solid and responsive relationship with your audience.

Something that can greatly help you in your endeavors would be making use of Google Analytics. It has many tools which can allow you to better track everything happening on your site. With this knowledge you can tailor your site to better attract different audiences and lead to more clicks and engagement.

There are other ways to keep track of these statistics, but Google Analytics provides a simple and smooth alternative with the SEO benefits that can be useful by pretty much anyone, regardless of your knowledge of computers.

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