Looks like we are running out of adjectives here. After the cool and the hot cousins of Stable Diffusion, we now have Amazing AI, which is built on Stable Diffusion 1.5. It is a new text-to-image generator specifically built to run natively on macOS.
The developer, Sindre Sorhus has made the app exclusively for Apple Silicon – M1 and M2 chips and does not support Intel hardware systems. To install the app, users also need to install macOS version 13.1 and above.
Check out the app here.
We tried Amazing AI and it generated pretty amazing results: 

The app runs on edge, or natively on your PC and does not require connection to the internet to generate images. Though, the downside is the massive size of the app as the AI model used to train is large. The app is also amazingly slow.
The developer said that he does not have plans to support Stable Diffusion’s highly impressive feature of inpainting, where you can add changes to the image and also upload your own images for alterations. The app is free to use and does not contain ads.
Sorhus has been an open-source developer and is fully-funded by the community since 2018. He has also developed several other apps: Randa, that generates random numbers. Velja, browser picker, among several others. 
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