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Mheshimiwa.co.ke is an online platform that enables efficient public partification of Kenyan citizens in governance. The platforms offers free public education, analyses government activities,economy developments and provides a social platform for public participation.

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Trucks.co.ke is an online trucks marketplace where individuals can efficiently trade truck realted products and services. These include transport contracts, supply contracts, trucks for sale, truck financing, truck parts, truck insurance and industry news/updates.

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Automart.co.ke is a one-stop shop for vehicle industry solutions that enables efficient access to the following solutions:  vehicle hire,vehicle trade, vehicle finance,vehicle insurance and vehicle accessories.

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Sublet.co.ke is a provider of affordable and efficient subletting solutions for homes and commercial spaces. Commercial sublets include offices, gowdowns, workshops and agricultural land.

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learnweb.co.ke is an online education platform that enables students, staff and business owners get practical skill based education. These courses relate to specific business or economic tasks and are often taught by individuals working in the related field.

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igym.co.ke is a smart health and fitness web application. The application offers smart online guides related to workout plans, diet plan recommendations and online exercise related products. Users can also enjoy our workout music playlist and get progress reports.

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logbookloans.co.ke is an online microfinance vehicle loan platform that provides efficient access to logbook backed loans withing 24 hours. The vehicle owner can be able to apply onine and get repayment amount calculation.

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loansell.co.ke is an online marketplace for loan related products. This platform enable selling of loaned out assets and foreclosure properties. This helps borrowers restructure debts and banks reduce non performing loans.

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underwriter.co.ke is a professional online network platform for the Kenyan insurance industry. It provides a centralised avenue to learn about insurance products, download documents, generate quotation and manage insurance sales teams.

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claims.co.ke is smart provider of insurance claims guides, documentation and follow up. The platform is used by insurance intemediaries to reduce time spent in claims settlement.  The intermediaries are then able to focus on insurance sales.

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www.dave.co.ke is an online children eary education website. The website offers interactive graphics, videos, stories and games that help children learn and have fun online. 

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tiptop.co.ke is an ecommerce website that enhances trade of goods and services within Kenya and international markets. Sellers are able to list products, get vetted and start selling to a wide market.

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