“The vast majority of companies out there are focused on standard homes,” offering a selection of models with customizable finishes and fixtures, CEO Steve Glenn told TechCrunch. In contrast, he said Plant Prefab works with architects to prefabricate their designs, because they “understand local vernacular, local permitting process, local materials and local needs.” He added, “we want to give them a more efficient way.”

The new, automated facility will be a “big step change for us,” Glenn told TechCrunch. He said the company currently produces around 40 homes a year via two other facilities. “Our average project is three months, so we’re pretty damn fast, but significantly faster in the new facility, and at a much lower price point,” he added. As things were, Glenn said the company netted $16 million in revenue last year.

An aerial view Plant Prefab’s incoming factory in Tejon Ranch, California. Image Credits: Plant Prefab

Plant Prefab nabs $42M to crank out ‘extremely sustainable’ custom homes by Harri Weber originally published on TechCrunch