How To Catch A Cheating Lover

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How To Discover If Your Partner Is Cheating without Them Knowing and Before It’s Too Late!

Did you ever wonder why only 2 out of every 3 people don’t get cheated on? I mean, what’s wrong with the rest of us? Do we lack the street smarts to spot when someone is cheating on us? Are we forever cursed? Do we have to suffer with one cheating relationship after another?

In your case, the answers to these questions are probably no, no, and no.

The real answer: You live in the 21st century!

You see, in today’s world it’s next to impossible for the average person to spot a cheater — so it’s not your fault.

We live in a mobile, cyber world full of phones, PDA’s, beepers, social networks and instant messaging where cheaters no longer have to leave home and browse bars to meet or flirt with new partners.
Now it can be done and erased at the click of a button.

And with software being released to wipe technology clean, the stakes have only been raised!
You can’t just rely upon the old methods or a gut instinct, before you scream ‘LIAR’!

Imagine the damage it could do to your relationship if it wasn’t true?

No, you need undeniable, unquestionable, concrete proof!

And now you are about to get it — FAST and EASY!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn inside the book:

  • Our cheating hearts
  • Cheating in cyberville
  • Cheater profile – top ten traits
  • Investigation 101- basics & guidelines
  • Searching for tell-tale signs
  • Collecting clues
  • Telephone sleuthing
  • Cyber-snooping
  • Surveillance gear
  • Hiring a private investigator
  • Conclusion – now what?

You’re, also, going to discover:

  • All the electronic surveillance secrets you would ever need to know to quickly ensnare a cheating lover
  • How to spot a cheating lover with these scientifically proven top ten cheater traits
  • 7 of the most common places cheating partners will hide evidence from you
  • The real reasons why 1 in 3 people will cheat online and what you can do to find out if your partner is
  • The truth behind why your partner has been cheating and if your relationship can survive
  • 6 sneaky ways to know if your partner is cheating on you for sure and the do’s and don’ts of spying on your partner
  • The two “dirty cellular tricks” that have caught many a liar red-handed
  • How to never again suffer the humiliation of being cheated on
  • When to hire a private investigator and when to walk the other way
  • 8 amazing ways to cyber snoop on your partner without them ever knowing
  • 5 Examples of relationship changes that are a clear giveaway
  • The most overlooked hidden reason why partners cheat
  • The 3 work changing habits that all cheaters have in common
  • Fastest known way to catch any cheater using cyber technology
  • 4 online tendencies which cheaters do time and time again
  • Weird (but effective) ways to catch a cheat before they cheat physically
  • 4 little-known behavior traits which you must know to catch him red-handed
  • The dirty little secrets of cheaters and how to end their player games fast
  • 4 ways to track a cheater using phone activity
  • How to see through the lies of your partner and get to the real truth


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