Zen Mastery

KShs 400.00


Discover The Ancient Secrets To Lead A Life Of Balance, Calm & Infinite Fulfillment. Your Journey To Life Mastery Is About To Begin.

If you wish to lead a simpler life and dig deep within yourself to awaken your true life purpose then this could be the most interesting news you could ever come across.

You are about to discover the Ancient Arts of self-discovery in order to be more mindful and grounded while attracting the abundance you deserve.

By mastering this ancient art from the early 6th Century, you can finally become truly extraordinary with balance in all areas of life: physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Topics covered in this video course:

  • The Meaning Of Zen
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe
  • Switch Your Perspective
  • Simplify Your Life
  • Be Mindful of the Present
  • Meditate a Little Every day
  • Establish a Daily Routine
  • Respect and Appreciate Life

Includes ready sales materials!


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