A new name and a new orange signal Renew Capital’s expansion across Africa
DENVER, September 29, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than a decade after launching an innovative public-private finance model for growing small and medium businesses in Africa, the impact investment firm RENEW LLC has relaunched under a new brand, Renew Capital.
The firm’s name change signifies a major push forward in Renew Capital’s ambition to expand their investment work to half of Africa’s 54 countries by 2027. The new brand’s bolder color palette and the shift of the Renew Capital arrow from left to right in the brand mark also symbolizes the forward momentum of the firm’s pioneering investment work on the continent.
"The refreshed visual identity better communicates the boldness of our mission, our forward trajectory and the vision we are forging for a prosperous Africa," said Managing Partner Laura Davis.
The Renew Capital name change also extends to the Renew Capital Angels, the firm's growing impact investor network. Formerly called the Impact Angel Network, the refreshed name more clearly denotes the relationship between the investment firm and the global network of for-purpose investors which founder and CEO Matthew Davis plans to grow to a membership of more than 1,000 individuals and families by 2027.
"With blended finance commitments in place to fund Renew Capital for the next seven years, the timing is right for Renew Capital to make a big push forward," Matthew Davis said.
"We strongly believe Africa’s private sector is the future of the continent, and we are more committed to our mission to grow companies, build nations and leave a legacy than ever," Laura Davis said. "Our refreshed Renew Capital brand is our reflection of this commitment and our firm’s values of bringing integrity, intelligence, beauty and grit to this important and timely work."
Explore the new Renew Capital brand at www.renewcapital.com.
About Renew Capital
Renew Capital is an Africa-focused impact investment firm with a goal to help change the way the world engages Africa—from giving to investing. Through an investment model that works with development partners to successfully connect entrepreneurs with impact investors, Renew Capital builds private sectors and investment ecosystems by addressing capital and capacity gaps in Africa’s middle markets. Founded in 2007, Renew Capital is headquartered in Denver, CO, U.S., with offices in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. For more information, contact connect@renewcapital.com.
About Renew Capital Angels
The Renew Capital Angels network is a global community of angel investors, foundations and family offices who seek financial returns and sustainable social impact by making impact investments into growth-oriented businesses in Africa. Since the establishment of the network in 2012, Renew Capital Angels has mobilized millions of dollars into Africa’s middle market.
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