To enable SSH on your site, you’ll need to have an active Business or eCommerce plan.

With SSH, you have the power of the command line at your fingertips. You can:

WP-CLI is WordPress’ command line interface. Once you SSH into your site, the included commands let you install plugins, add users, or run a search-and-replace against the database. If you are comfortable writing PHP, you can even create your own custom commands for special operations.

For example, the command to delete a comment is `wp comment delete`. Deleting a comment using WP-CLI can look like this:

Similarly, `wp export` is a command to export your site’s content to a WXR file. Exporting your site content at the command line might look like this:

SSH access is one of a series of new tools we’re releasing for those building sites on Our goal is to make an enjoyable, indispensable part of your workflow.