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“My fans are obviously super supportive and whenever I do anything with this campaign, we’ll share it like journaling,” Schnapp  — who holds the title of Chief Snacking Officer — told TechCrunch. “They’re going to love it and support it and I think it’s a great educational opportunity for them – and for myself.”

The $50 minimum investment, believed to be the lowest ever had on the Republic platform, is designed to lower the barrier to investing, noted Guberman, tbh’s co-founder and co-CEO. 

“Many of Noah’s fans are young; this is our way of sharing the upside and educating his audience about investing – instead of just providing a product,” she said. “We’re building a strong community.”

Schnapp agreed, telling TechCrunch in an interview: “The beauty of this low ceiling is that it kind of allows anyone to invest in tbh. It doesn’t exclude anyone based on their socioeconomic status or whatnot. And I think that’s beautiful.”

Depending on how much they invest, shareholders get access to a variety of perks.

For example, those who put in $50 get an invite to the annual tbh investor call. A limited number of those who pony up $550 get an invitation to the annual tbh investor call, 15% off tbh for life (including product and merch), “insights” into new tbh pre-launch products and a five-minute call with Schnapp himself. Shelling out $7,500 unsurprisingly translates into more perks, including dinner with tbh team and Schnapp in either NYC, LA, or Miami (travel not included).

The capital raise on Republic – which will be capped at $1.235 million – will go toward expanding the retail footprint of tbh’s existing products, releasing an on-the-go single serve packet and expanding its product line. 

Interestingly, the concept for tbh was actually born a couple of years ago after Schnapp met Minuzza through her efforts to find celebrities who align with her mission of starting companies “with the mantra of doing good for the world and for consumers.” The pair came up with the idea of tbh since Schnapp loved Nutella and they wanted to create a healthier snack for people. Guberman was later brought in for her extensive CPG experience.

“I could definitely see myself launching a venture capital fund in the next year,” Schnapp told TechCrunch. “And I think it’s very exciting just doing all of this. Like, I have my acting and I know what to expect there. But this is just a whole other world that I’m very excited about exploring.”

‘Stranger Things’ actor wants to spread the wealth around tbh, his vegan Nutella alternative by Mary Ann Azevedo originally published on TechCrunch