A salesperson’s right arm? It might be their Bluetooth headset, especially when more reps are working from home or sharing home offices.

Get the wrong one and you could be looking at headaches and dropped calls. But get the right one and it will have just the right wireless range, the perfect amount of padding, and crystal-clear audio quality for successful calls every time — in the audio department, anyway.

Here’s a list of some of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. Take a look and find the salesperson’s version of Cinderella’s glass slipper.

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This industrial strength headset was made for trade workers. If you travel extensively or conduct on-site sales in tough conditions, this might be the perfect set for you. It eliminates background sounds and is dust-, dirt-, and water-resistant. It can also survive high drops and has an impressive five-year warranty. And, it comes equipped with aggressive noise cancellation for clear sound quality, even with heavy background noise.

This compact style is perfect for travel while being sturdy enough to handle wear and tear.

If good call quality is your first priority, look no further. You’ll enjoy motion- and environment-sensitive, noise-canceling features — meaning you won’t have to worry about hearing prospects on a busy sales floor. And with seven hours of battery life, you won’t have to recharge mid-day.

The noise canceling features on this headset are top tier — perfect for boisterous sales floors.

This isn’t a particularly flashy headset, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort. Buy this set for all-day use and enjoy padded, over-ear earpieces, a thin boom mic that extends and swivels, and a noise-canceling feature.

The standing dock makes charging a breeze, and smart sensors answer calls automatically when you’re wearing the set. It’s Bluetooth only, so you won’t have a wired option — but you’ll love this Cadillac for your head (Too much? Never.).

The Focus UC offers excellent audio on both sides of the call and the smart sensor feature allows users to answer or mute calls with ease.

On-ear buttons, overhead design, and noise-canceling capabilities (blocking 96% of ambient sound) make this a solid headset option. A long microphone yields good audio quality. Plus, you can program it for Android or iOS apps.

This padded headset offers superior comfort and the voice control feature allows you to accept or reject calls while keeping your hands free.

The Beats Solo3 wireless headset is a trendy choice for taking calls, listening to music, and activating the Siri voice assistant on your iPhone. You’ll enjoy excellent sound quality and acoustics as well as 40 hours of battery life, making this an ideal choice for your casual everyday headset. Best of all, the cushioned ear cups are designed for a natural ear fit with no pressure or irritation.

This Beats headset is an excellent multi-purpose option. Listen to your favorite tunes or take calls with an impressive 40 hours of battery life.

This hands-free headset offers comfort and functionality with dual-mic, noise-cancellation technology. Get seven hours of talk time per every charge and easy tap-and-pair setup for the perfect grab-and-go headset — ideal for when you need to work from home.

This headset uses clear voice capture technology to provide clear sound quality and noise suppression on a budget.

The Logitech H600 is a noise-cancelling headset designed to connect to your computer with a USB-A port. It provides rich stereo sound, a right-sided boom mic that can be positioned based on your preferences, and enough wireless range for you to move comfortably around your home office.

This over ear headset combines stereo sound and a noise canceling mic, making it easy for users to go from listening to music to taking calls at an affordable price point.

Averaging four stars on Amazon with over 5,000 reviews, this headset is a great option if you’re shopping on a budget. Pair this set with any two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and enjoy the relative quiet of a 4X noise cancelling microphone.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Mpow headset offers exceptionally clear audio quality at a modest price.

One of the top-rated headsets on Amazon, this affordable noise cancelling set comes with two rechargeable batteries that each hold eight hours of talk time. Reviewers rave about its connectivity, clear sound quality, and price.

This small, but mighty earpiece boasts immersive sound, noise-cancellation for clearer calls and is water proof.

Two earbuds can be detached from the band and worn separately or as part of the neckband. They support all four Bluetooth connectivity formats, including Advanced Audio Distribution, Audio/Video Remote, Handsfree, and Headset. And when you’re done making and receiving calls, seamlessly switch to playing music.

The JBL® Signature Sound feature in this headset ensures superior sound quality whether on the go, at home, or at the office.

Flexible joints and a lightweight, ergonomic design make this set a comfortable option that fits comfortably around your neck. When you get a call, the headset vibrates, which allows you to place the set in your ears to answer.

It connects with Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets, and buttons along the side allow you to answer and end calls and lower the volume.

This head is one of the most comfortable headsets on the list. Its flexible joints and lightweight design make all-day wear a breeze.

Are you a multitasker? This headset’s multi-connectivity feature connects to your phone and computer so you can switch between the two. You’ll also enjoy great sound and recording quality — and the talk-time is hard to beat.

This is a reliable, no nonsense option for those looking for an earpiece for business purposes. It’s advanced own-voice detection feature reduces background noise while you’re speaking and optimizes your speech intelligibility.

If you’re a salesperson who likes to walk while they talk, this headset’s perfect. It offers strong audio quality and good noise suppression. It also pairs easily and can connect to two devices at once.

This option is perfect for salespeople that like to walk outside while taking calls. Its three layer wind protection feature ensures your prospect hears your voice crystal clear.

This headset looks good and feels great. Sound quality is wonderful and limits background noise picked up by the mic. It’s a small, well-made set providing another great option for weekend or on-the-go calls.

You may forget you’re wearing this sleek earpiece thanks to it’s compact design. Despite its size, the earpiece offers HD sound with noise reduction so you can easily take calls no matter the location.

96% noise cancellation? Sign us up. This headset offers multiple functions that can be voice controlled to keep you hands-free. And you can customize your favorite features with the press of a button. This set also pairs with Google Assistant and Siri, if that’s your thing.

This headset is perfect for all-day wear and offers customizable features to tailor your experience.

Another comfortable headset — this one is secure and ready for extensive use. It’s hands free, has caller ID that lets you know who’s calling, and it offers noise-cancellation and multiple microphones for strong voice and sound quality. Bonus: It’s sweat resistant.


This earpiece offers professional grade sound for salespeople who need superior call quality. Its long rage capabilities make sure you can room freely without losing the call.

Smart-sensor technology reacts when you put the headset on allowing you to answer calls without a click. If you’re already wearing it, the Voyager will announce who’s calling and waits for you to say “Answer” or “Ignore.” Use voice commands to check the battery and connection status, and don’t worry about the occasional coffee spill or stress sweats with P2i, water-resistant technology.

Not only does this earpiece offer top audio quality for calls, it also protects your hearing. Its Sound Guard feature protects against sounds above 118 decibels.

This Bluetooth earpiece comes in at a low price point, and it has a long battery life of 11 hours. It has a lightweight design that’s comfortable to wear. You can connect it to a maximum of two phones and answer calls from either one. Plus, if you happen to leave your Plantronics M70 at the office or in your car, it will go into a “deep sleep” mode to conserve its battery life.

The Deep Sleep mode on this earpiece activates when away from your phone, keeping it charged for up to six months.

Take a few of these headsets for a spin and find your perfect match. You might be surprised at how the right Bluetooth headset contributes to your efficiency and success rates in sales.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published May 21, 2018 and has been updated for freshness and comprehensiveness.