When the housing market is booming, you have new clients coming in left and right, and you’re landing sale after sale, the last thing you want to do is hunt through a messy spreadsheet to track your client information. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, allow us to introduce you to a life-changing tool: the real estate CRM.

As a real estate agent, you’re probably juggling multiple clients at a time, prospecting for new ones — all while trying to keep your appointments and contracts organized. Using a CRM for real estate agents can automate the repetitive aspects of your workload so you can focus on more meaningful tasks.

Here are some of the key features a CRM offers to make your life easier:

Below, we go over the best CRMs you can use at your real estate agency. Although many of these CRMs aren’t marketed directly to realtors, they can easily be applied to the real estate industry.

If you’re new to using a CRM and are looking for a low-risk way to implement this useful tool, we’ve listed a few free CRMs for real estate. For those looking for more real estate-specific CRMs, consider investing in one of the paid systems, which offer additional functionality at a premium cost.

Its productivity features include tasks, custom notes, and reminders. If you use the Zillow CRM, you’ll be the only agent prospective home buyers see on your property listing, eliminating competition. One potential drawback is that this tool is connected only to Zillow and no other residential real estate websites.

Pricing: Free

Salesmate is a versatile CRM & Automation Platform for sales, marketing, and CX teams. The platform is widely used by multiple industries, but a vast majority of its customers are from real estate.

You can easily connect Salesmate with multiple sources and bring leads directly into CRM. Once the leads are in, you have an easy deal and pipeline management. You have all the necessary communication tools inside Salesmate to close more deals.

With Salesmate, you can also automate everyday tasks, communications, follow-ups, and marketing campaigns. 

Pricing: $12/user/month (Starter), $24/user/month (Growth), $40/user/month (Boost), Custom (Enterprise)

Though AgileCRM is not marketed specifically to realtors, there are several features that realtors can benefit from. With unlimited document storage, task management, document tracking, and appointment setting, this system is ideal for small teams that want to work out of one collaborative tool (the platform is free for up to 10 users).

With AgileCRM, you can track your leads based on where they are in the sales process, giving you maximum visibility for your pipeline.

You can also track your sales, marketing, and service efforts in one platform, allowing you to create a consistent client experience from the moment a prospective buyer reaches out to you. This software tool integrates with social media networks, helpdesk solutions such as Zendesk, and productivity apps such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Pricing: Free; $8.99/user/month (Starter); $29.99/user/month (Regular); $47.99/user/month (Enterprise)

Are you a Google Workspace evangelist? If so, Streak may be the right CRM for you. This tool helps you track deals in your Gmail inbox. Save time by managing your contacts in your existing inbox without switching systems.

The free and Solo versions come with powerful features such as pipeline management, email tracking, automatic email categorization, tasks, and reminders. The Pro and Enterprise versions offer more advanced functionalities such as reports and access to the Streak API.

With Apptivo, you can access your contact information, project management tools, invoicing systems, and email campaigns in one place. Apptivo allows you to access client data from anywhere and create powerful automation rules that save your and your client’s time.

Additional features include the ability to manage inventory, create work orders, and assign sales territories to agents. You can also create assignment rules that automatically assign leads and customers to your reps.

Apptivo integrates with tools that may already be in your tech stack, including Google Workspace, Slack, QuickBooks, PayPal, Office 365, RingCentral, and Dropbox. This allows you to manage everything in one place without having to hop from app to app.

Bitrix24 offers advanced multimedia features within a free CRM interface. Realtors can communicate directly with leads and clients through live video chat, social media messenger, call back forms, and phone-in chat. Bitrix24 also has pipeline management tools that offer full project visibility, helping you keep deadlines in check.

With its sales funnel automation capability, you can remove the manual work from managing your pipeline. Another great feature is the ability to track your marketing expenses and calculate return-on-investment without needing to install another tool (available in the CRM+ special plan and Standard business plan).

You can access this CRM from your web browser, phone, or desktop.

Built by agents for agents, Wise Agent is a powerful all-in-one CRM for realtors. Offering seamless transaction management, advanced automation, time management tools, and a central database for all of your client information, Wise Agent can help you manage every area of your business in one place.

With Wise Agent, you can create optimized landing pages on your website, automate lead categorizations and contact assignments, and integrate all of your conversations into a unified interface.

Pipedrive was designed to simplify the CRM experience for users. The tool makes sales visual by creating customized pipelines so you can see exactly where all of your deals are in the sales process.

Notable features include reminders, Google Calendar syncing, and task automation. Its visual sales pipeline also allows you to update contact data, create new deals, and take a sale from start to finish in one intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

Pipedrive also offers a mobile app and integrates with popular third-party systems, including Asana, Trello, and Slack.

Propertybase is an end-to-end real estate platform with integrated CRM, marketing, and Internet Data Display (IDX) website software. With their CRM, you can manage listings on real estate websites and create automated ad campaigns on social media sites, so that your properties get seen by the right buyer at the right time. It also integrates with major MLSs and allows you to syndicate listings on real estate portals.

This powerful CRM allows you to automate your daily tasks and oversee operational data in one place, so you and your team can focus on selling homes.

With Propertybase, you are also able to create visually stunning websites that are directly connected to your CRM, meaning you never miss a lead.

Zendesk Sell also offers funnel tracking and robust analytics so your agents know where their time is best spent.

Zoho CRM allows agents to connect with customers, no matter where they are. By integrating with live chat software, email, and social media, you can set up real-time notifications to be in the know any time a lead or customer interacts with your business. The real-time reports and insights ensure you can have up-to-date data at your fingertips no matter your location.

Other features include the ability to automate workflows, manage contacts, and manage deals from stage to stage. You can also build a sales process for your real estate agents so that prospective buyers get a consistent experience regardless of the team member they work with.

Real Geeks CRM provides automated support for real estate businesses. As leads enter the system, agents can be notified via email and mobile, allowing them to follow up immediately. Managers can also track agent accountability and productivity for optimal performance and training opportunities.

With Real Geeks, you can also create an IDX website for your real estate business without needing to code it from the ground up. Using this website creation feature, you can list properties from your target geographical areas, create landing pages for each of your agents, and create a home valuation landing page for prospective home sellers. All the leads that come through the site will automatically enter your CRM as contacts.

CINC is a real estate platform dedicated to helping agents stay engaged with their clients and customers. With CINC, agents can manage the entire sales process, from lead generation to client retention. Notable features include comprehensive pipeline views, team management tools, and lead nurturing capabilities.

Like Real Geeks, CINC allows you to create an IDX website that includes your property listings and distributes these listings to other real estate websites. You can also create tasks and reminders in CINC Agent, their mobile app. They also offer Open Houses, an app that allows you to collect the contact information of prospective home buyers during open houses.

Top Producer CRM is a real estate-focused platform that puts your entire sales pipeline in the palm of your hand. Manage incoming inquiries, nurture leads, and sync all of your contact information from one easy-to-use mobile interface.

This tool also allows you to carry out email marketing campaigns, manage transactions, create email templates, and share Market Snapshot® reports with prospective home buyers. It also allows you to list homes on your site with the latest MLS data and allows prospects to see a street view of the property.

Buildout CRM is a powerful tool designed for commercial real estate professionals. Buildout helps users track and manage every aspect of their client pipeline with features to support tenant management, capital markets, and development projects.

You can also automate tasks, reach out to prospects directly from this CRM, and log calls and emails so that you never lose track of any communication with clients. You can also find properties for your clients and send a Property Teaser brochure with the click of a button. This last feature is especially usefulbecause it can streamline the property finding and pitching process.

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM designed to turn every agent into a top performer. Notable features include auto-send for emails, inbound and outbound call management, and automated text messaging in one streamlined interface.

Follow Up Boss’s lead providers include Zillow and Realtor.com, which are natively integrated into the platform, as well as Homes.com. You can also integrate with useful third-party tools such as Showcase IDX, which is an IDX plugin, and RealSavvy, which is a software tool for creating IDX websites.

Realvolve helps real estate teams create smart workflows for internal and client-facing tasks. With Realvolve, users are able to track all contact and property listing information in one place, with the ability to sync across calendars and communication platforms.

This CRM allows you to synchronize your contacts, meetings, and tasks with Google Workspace and calculate net commissions on each sale. Another handy feature is the ability to send email, text, and social media messages to contacts directly from the CRM.

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM and marketing automation solution that acts like an assistant, helping agents and teams organize critical business information.

New users are offered a concierge setup service, helping you migrate your existing data from documents and spreadsheets into their easy-to-manage database.

Its main feature is contact management and lead nurturing. With IXACT, you can send personalized mass texts and set up automated reminders for keeping in touch with current clients. You can also capture leads from websites such as Zillow, manage your property listings, and track commissions.

RealtyJuggler is a real estate CRM focused on simplicity and organization. Designed to be easy to learn and use, RealtyJuggler builds daily to-do lists for agents based on CRM data. The tool can be used for everything from lead qualification to automated email campaigns.

This is one of the most cost-effective options in this list, allowing you to test out a full-scale CRM for a year without needing to invest thousands of dollars. With this tool, you can manage all facets of rental properties, track commissions, qualify prospects with real-estate calculators, and create task plans.

Close is a robust CRM with built-in sales automation. Features most appealing to real estate professionals include two-way email sync, built-in calling and SMS, and a comprehensive search feature so you and your team will never have to hunt for prospect information again.

Another particularly handy tool is the in-app Zoom integration, allowing you to host Zoom meetings directly on the CRM. The recording will be added automatically to your contact’s card for easy access in the future.

Nutshell CRM is a customizable platform that reduces time-wasting tasks for you and your fellow agents. With contact management, Gmail integration, and sales automation capabilities, this CRM is designed to save you time and expedite the sales process.

Its most useful tools include automated email sequences, one-click phone dialing and recording, and funnel and activity reports that let you know how your business is doing. You can also have multiple sales pipelines if you deal in both commercial and residential real estate. This can also be a useful tool if you serve a diverse number of clients with different buying stages and processes.

Less Annoying CRM was designed with small businesses in mind. The platform is designed to be incredibly easy to use and learn for teams, offering no-fuss contact management.

They also offer customizable real estate features, including pipelines for tracking sellers and buyers and straightforward reporting.

You can also keep all of your entire team’s events and tasks in one calendar, streamlining communication from agent to agent and reducing friction in internal projects. Less Annoying CRM also allows you to restrict access to certain data and tools so that your team can focus only on what they need to focus on.

LionDesk is an integrated CRM platform for real estate professionals. The tool makes client management a breeze by tracking your emails, phone calls, and messages in one easily searchable platform.

You can also create shortcodes that can be used on signage and other materials, allowing leads to quickly contact you from any location. You can build multi-channel campaigns, remind yourself of important tasks, and create Facebook ads easily. The tool integrates with Zillow, Realtor.com, and Ylopo.

Although not targeted toward the real estate industry, Freshworks offers a simple platform that’s perfect for real estate professionals who want straightforward contact management without a cluttered interface.

The platform includes features such as lead scoring and a built-in phone system, so you can keep all your lead communications in one place. You can also add custom fields, create custom sales activities, and manage your sales pipeline in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Insightly helps real estate teams build personalized experiences for their clients. With features such as lead tracking, lead routing, and bulk email tools, you and your team can work smarter, not harder, to connect with more leads.

This tool offers a powerful workflow automation feature that allows you to schedule emails, create tasks, update records, and send alerts to yourself based on the parameters you set. You can also create detailed dashboards to track close rates and see your real estate business’s performance over time.

NetHunt CRM is specifically created for real estate agents and agencies. This tool integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, allowing you to close deals, manage contacts, and organize buyer profiles directly in your Gmail web app.

You can also keep all of the client’s data within your Gmail account, giving you access to critical documents and previous conversations so that you don’t lose track of any details. You can also create email templates that make it effortless and easy to communicate with clients.

Shape CRM is a powerful real estate CRM with a simple, clean interface for managing contacts and deals. It allows you to automate emails, text your clients and contacts, sync the tool with MLS listings, and collect reviews and feedback from your clients.

You can also dial clients directly from the tool and prioritize leads based on activity or pre-qualifying parameters. Shape CRM integrates with Google Workspace, Outlook, and MailChimp so that you can do all that you need to do in one convenient place.

RealPage Investor Management Services (IMS) CRM is designed specifically for commercial real estate agencies. You can manage contacts, send bulk emails, and create dynamic contact lists that automatically update based on segmentation criteria.

It also offers investor engagement and management tools, allowing you to see their activity, preferences, and portfolio on their unique Investor Dashboard. You can also create Key Property Insights reports so that you can see how your properties and assets are generating revenue and additional expenses.

These are the best CRMs for real estate agents and businesses, making it easier than ever to streamline your sales pipeline and sell more homes and properties.

Managing a real estate business is no easy task. A long list of properties, an expansive portfolio of real estate listings, and a high volume of contacts can feel overwhelming to organize in one place. But that’s where a real estate CRM comes in. By using a CRM, you can improve your client communication while making the sales process faster and easier for you and your team.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in September 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.