For example, a 100-person sales team with $1 million individual quotas and a $50,000 average deal size translates to a $20 million increase in revenue

We’ve rounded up some of the most valuable training programs at a variety of price points, locations, themes, and delivery options to get your team closing deals with integrity, speed, and confidence. Jump to the category that’s interesting to you using the links below.

While it’s fair to say that your team will function well enough without participating in a sales training program, don’t overlook the benefits of what a few hours of ongoing education can do.

If you’re a candidate applying for a new role, switching companies, or seeking a promotion, a sales training credential can boost your resume from “comparable” to “extraordinary” when you’re up against some tough candidate competition.

But which program is right for you and your team?

With thousands of sales training programs on the market, how can you tell which ones will serve your team best? Ultimately, your business will choose criteria for what makes a successful training program, but to get you started, here are some of the important factors HubSpot looks for:

Each item in this list should help you answer these questions for your team and company.

These days, you can’t succeed in sales if you’re using shady tactics. Learn how to sell with integrity by taking this free virtual course on the inbound sales methodology. It encompasses everything from identifying potential buyers to developing personalized presentations.

In 31 practical tutorials, sales professionals can expect to receive tools and techniques that shape their attitude, beliefs, and emotions to achieve success in sales. Psychology, personality, and real-world advice are the pillars of this accredited training which makes it perfect for beginners.

Premium video tutorials and personalized learning are available in a mobile format so students can learn on the go. The best part is, you can learn at your own pace with the unlimited tests and quizzes to ensure you retain the information in the course.

This three-month virtual course goes through seven key facets of sales: Prospecting, developing trust and credibility, identifying the buyer’s needs, overcoming resistance, selling value, closing, and getting referrals and repeat business.

Along with 24 videos you can rewatch at any time, you’ll also get workbooks, role-play exercises, and bonus training modules. Each of these features helps you get a little bit better at prospecting, building rapport, and closing the sale.

Sales leadership often struggles with the same challenges: They don’t have enough superstar salespeople, they’re losing deals to a low-cost competitor, every rep is using a different playbook, results are inconsistent, and/or their team is focusing on the wrong type of buyers. Wayshak delivers custom training to organizations of all sizes to help them overcome these obstacles. His ultimate goal is to help clients 10X their investment.

Reps who rely on the phone as their primary communication method will benefit from this comprehensive training program. Over the course of one month, participants will learn how to engage buyers in the first few seconds of a call, resolving objections, adding value at every touch, securing a follow-up call, and more. Along with the videos, you’ll get access to a workbook, live coaching sessions, and an online forum.

This course will give rookie reps an introduction to selling fundamentals, including prospecting, qualifying, asking questions, and developing proposals. It’s applicable to both B2B and B2C salespeople and includes lectures, reading, and real-world exercises.

What makes this course unique is that it’s actually four courses in one. Customer segmentation, connecting with prospects, pitching, closing, and perfecting your selling process are all part of this specialized course to get you selling faster and closing high-dollar deals more often.

In this training program, inside sales professionals will learn how to engage prospects, book appointments, delve into their prospects’ motivations, resolve their concerns, and close.

There’s a graded exam after every training session, so reps can gauge their understanding and sales managers can monitor progress.

In sales, your statements and questions to prospects can mean the difference between failure and success. But even though a salesperson’s words are their most valuable tool, many salespeople still improvise when they call, email, or meet with prospects.

This program is designed to give you a strategy-backed process. It covers building a value proposition, asking the right questions, closing more effectively, and more. Not only will you sell more, but selling might even become more fun.

Membership also comes with access to a private forum so members can answer each other’s questions, share strategies, and give feedback and support.

Richard Harris, who leads Sales Hacker’s consulting and training programs, has held almost every sales position possible: SDR, inside sales rep, inside sales manager, director of sales, VP of sales, and director of sales operations. As a result, he can provide both high-level guidance and tactical training.

Sales Hacker offers training on everything sales including crafting SLAs (service level agreements) between sales and marketing, designing your sales team’s organizational structure and compensation plan, and implementing a sales tool stack.

In one 120-minute online video training, training participants will work with two moderators and eight role-play actors who help assess and strengthen their sales skills.

A unique part of Action Selling’s training framework is it teaches participants how not to apply each selling skill, then the moderators explain the best approach for various scenarios. Role plays reinforce those learnings so that participants learn the correct way to sell their products and services.

Whether you’re looking for leadership, inside sales, field sales, or call center training, Aslan has a program that’s right for you. In three months students of this program will prepare to meet business objectives through sales. Next, they’ll ignite change by working with instructors either onsite or virtually to complete a train-the-trainer certification. Finally, students can transform their business with a new sales process through ongoing development of their front-line team.

To manage this unique framework, Aslan provides a cloud-based dashboard to simplify coaching and track the activities that drive results.

With Corporate Vision’s Training and Consulting, sales teams learn how to demonstrate product and service value using buyer’s psychology. By understanding how customers frame value and make choices, salespeople will be able to articulate value situationally, thus creating a more personalized experience for them.

DoubleDigit Sales helps businesses achieve double-digit growth through content and process alignment to change team behaviors and drive improved sales results.

The virtual platform for the training provides professionals with highly relevant content and engaging delivery that enables the sales team to immediately apply what they’ve learned.

The platform’s flexible and responsive, too. If your salespeople like to learn on the go, opt for a smartphone and tablet-specific course. If they spend most of their time at their desks, a laptop-enabled course is probably preferable.

Hoffman workshops span the entire sales cycle, from getting a prospect’s attention to successfully winning their business. Their workshops and corporate training programs are packed with information which means they’re ideal for salespeople who are eager to improve their performance.

In a single day, John Barrows will help you and your team members run effective meetings with potential customers, boost your ability to analyze opportunities, address objections in a way that suits your personality and selling style, and use different closing techniques depending on the situation. He’ll also provide a customized manual with sample emails, calls, and customer success templates. This resource allows you to immediately adopt the takeaways you’ve picked up.

Every salesperson dislikes or fears elements of selling, whether that’s calling prospects, responding to objections, or negotiating price. Jeff Shore’s one-day workshop teaches sales reps how to identify what makes them uncomfortable and overcome it.

The training includes video case studies, a performance challenge, and group practice sessions. To reinforce the curriculum, you can purchase eight skill development video lessons.

Huthwaite International developed SPIN® Selling based on the largest observational research study on what makes a successful B2B salesperson.

Participants will learn the value-creating behaviors that are most aligned with increased profit. The course is available through a range of options to suit business needs, and each path is designed to provide salespeople with a comprehensive learning journey that will optimize the workplace transfer of new skills for a maximum return on investment.

Sandler uses a methodical approach designed to make concepts stick — so you don’t invest in a costly sales training program only to have your sales team forget most of it 90 days later. What makes this methodology unique is that it’s based on survey data with research authority that spans across the globe. All of this delivers tangible value that your business will positively impact your business’s bottom line.

The sessions cover the entire sales process, from building rapport and setting initial expectations to giving demos and negotiating.

This course helps salespeople craft a strong personal brand, create a strategy for building their network, use social platforms to research and engage with prospects, and use trigger events for timely outreach.

According to Hughes, this program helps, “salespeople become ‘micro-marketers’ who personally own the process of creating a sales pipeline.” By developing their personal brand using social media, reps will learn prospecting skills that help them reach their target audience better with a higher propensity to close deals.

The right story, presented in the right way, can change the course of a sale. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the science behind telling persuasive stories. The lessons include when to tell stories in the sales process for maximal impact and the four parts of a compelling narrative. Attendees will also have the opportunity to create their own stories — so they’ll be ready to inspire change in their prospects by the time they leave.

To convince prospects of their product’s value, salespeople must be able to deliver interesting, well-paced, relevant presentations. This training program supplies reps with the information and strategies they need to present effectively. Because each organization is unique, Sales Readiness Group uses pre-training consultation and customized case studies and exercises to ensure the content is relevant to participants.

Large or rapidly growing companies can also take advantage of SRG’s licensing program. Buy the license for the curriculum, then repurpose and reuse the program however and whenever you’d like.

Richardson’s Consultative Selling program focuses on leveraging technical excellence, identifying client needs, and articulating value. After reps have taken the course, they’ll know how to run engaging, productive sales calls, provide insights, link their prospects’ objectives and pain points to available solutions, resolve objections, manage resistance, and more.

This training pairs instructor-led training sessions with an online program. Salespeople can access the content on their phone, making it easy to learn on the go or refresh their memory after the course is over.

It’s available in several different formats: email and mobile app, online, virtual instructor-led training programs, and on-site training.

According to The Brooks Group, “The most expensive training you’ll ever do is training that soaks up your resources without delivering its intended results.” That’s why every program is customized to the company’s structure, market, management process, KPIs, culture, business drivers, talent, and sales methodology.

How does The Brooks Group learn all of that? Through ride-alongs and field observations, account reviews, interviews with salespeople, managers, and executives, an audit of the sales org, personalized assessments, customer interviews, and more.

If you’re thinking that sounds time-intensive, you’re right: It typically takes 3-12 weeks to develop the customized training. However, The Brooks Group promises you’ll see a permanent improvement — not just a temporary boost in sales.

If you decide to partner with Engage Selling, Colleen Francis will perform an in-depth assessment of your sales team before the training itself. You can expect to receive highly customized training that addresses the areas with the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Four of the areas Coleen focuses on in the course are: Sales organization, sales process, sales performance management, and sales training and support. Each of these functions ensures that your team is executing on the right strategy to achieve your business objectives and goals.

For over 25 years, Anthony Cole Training Group has helped companies close the sales opportunity gap. And for over a decade, they’ve been perfecting their trademarked and leading-edge certification program: Sales Managed Environment®.

This program helps sales leaders unlock their leadership potential with content designed to engage managers and help them develop the essential skills for setting standards, coaching, motivating, and recruiting. Anthony Cole Training Group combines high-quality leadership content with an easy-access, one-stop portal that puts learning into action.

Are you struggling to make inroads at your target accounts? This workshop might offer the strategies you need. It covers the changing sales environment, the elements of a strong value proposition, how to use sales intelligence and trigger events, effective calls and voicemails, and more. There are also several options for reinforcing and extending the lessons covered in the workshop, such as virtual seminars, coaching, and video lessons.

Are you a sales leader looking for predictable results? This program may be for you. Sales expert Lori Richardson will help you identify and put in place the right sales process and methodology for your market, product, and revenue goals.

Along with a written sales plan, Richardson will deliver sales coaching and/or training (depending on your needs).

The Negotiation Experts offer an at-your-own-pace course designed to help you close bigger deals faster. Students taking this course will explore techniques for persuasion and influencing, countering objections, and strategic planning.

A unique approach to sales training is a benefit that every company can appreciate. ValueSelling Associates doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to sales training. Whether you need ongoing training that can scale as your team grows or you need a flexible at-your-own pace style of learning, Value-Based Sales Training could be the right fit.

The program starts by engaging leadership to help diagnose the root cause of sales issues. Then the ValueSelling Associates get to work designing a practical and tailored program that the sales team leadership can own and manage.

How much do your sales managers consider how and why a process is the way it is? Chances are, probably not enough. GPStrategies offers a sales training program that connects sales performance to sales proficiency.

The customer experience and product knowledge are the keys to building this proficiency in the program so that sales teams who complete it can consistently outperform expectations.

Ariel Sales Training uses virtual and digital programs to foster better communication around sales objectives, processes, and goals. This particular training is delivered to over 20,000 people each year in eight different languages across four continents. Teams that operate across the globe will appreciate this training approach because it ensures each rep gets the same quality experience no matter where they work.

Early career professionals to senior leaders will complete the program with proficiencies in leadership, written communication, and working collaboratively to achieve business goals. Subject matter experts will master the delivery of the value proposition of the products they sell in order to close deals.

In just eight hours, Sales Gravy provides sales leaders and managers the competencies to build a long-term, high-performing team. For extra support and guidance, an advanced two-day course is available.

Great sales training programs will help you and your team members sell at your full potential. From higher quota and revenue attainment and better win rates to lower sales force turnover, the return will definitely justify the cost. If you’re still hesitant about using an external training program, you can always start your new hires on the right foot with a 30/60/90 day plan. Download the free, customizable training program template below.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.