It answers complex questions, creates tweets, writes screenplays, creates computer code, a perfect menu and more. It can also fashion a dark world where dangers that could upend humanity lurk.
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Priyashmita, the co-founder of Deraj Lifestyle, an online fashion retailer, has found a new miracle. It is called ChatGPT. She asked it to write descriptions for store listings and social media posts. For example, she asked for a short summary for a website about a handmade tussar silk sari with embroidered frangipani flowers, adding that the garment is made by women from West Bengal. She insisted that the text must speak about the design is unique.

And voila! The 100 words that ChatGPT typed out were good enough to go on the website with just a few minor edits. ChatGPT an acronym for ‘generative pre-trained transformer’ which was created by the American tech company, OpenAI, and launched on November 30, 2022, is being used by millions to generate a variety of matter such as short stories, doctorate theses, term papers, film scripts, menus and more.
The G in GPT stands for ‘Generative’, which indicates the tool’s ability to generate text. P is for ‘Pre-Training’—deploying one model from one machine learning task to train another model, similar to how people use existing information while learning new things; ChatGPT has a large mass of text to pre-train on. T is for ‘Transformer’, a neural network that studies the overall relationship between all the parts of a data sequence.
For ChatGPT, the data comprises the words in a sentence. For the past few years, artificial intelligence is prevalent in apps, tools and devices that are used every day. ‘Powered by AI’ is often the basic character of a product, but is also a marketing pitch in some instances. Computers are now learning stuff and making decisions in a human-like way.
Discriminative machine AI learning models can, on request, recommend five movies similar to The Incredible Hulk or pull out a screen grab of the Taj Mahal from a video travelogue of Agra. Generative AI can produce coherent output from the inputs; for example an image of a dog that looks like a Hulk. Or an article about Hulk’s visit to the Taj Mahal. OpenAI is behind DALL-E, the text-to-image tool that interprets users’ requests.
Ritesh Mehta, co-founder of, a web publishing platform for independent creators, sees a couple of key uses for generative AI for writers. The company launched Picto, a service that helps writers create book covers, photos and illustrations using text prompts seamlessly. “Let’s say you wrote 
a novel about a character named Raichand, and readers loved it. You can use Picto to visualise Raichand and issue a limited-edition collectable that your superfans can collect. Generative AI can help bring the stories to life for writers and their fans,” he explains.
The downside is that generative AI tools could take over parts of creative processes, especially in communications. The use of generative AI in other forms such as art can be tricky though. “The way of making art with text prompts has become easy. But generative AI does not define art, which goes beyond the ability to just create an image. It requires you to go deeper into the concept, the idea of the final work, why you want to create it, along with a particular aesthetic and style—all this is something that 
a human can bring into the work,” says an AI artist Harshit Agrawal. While AI hasn’t parallelled human processing, logic and creativity yet, simpler everyday creative tasks can certainly be outsourced. 
People like David Golumbia, a professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University in the US, believe that generative AI is built on dark and destructive ideas about what human beings, creativity and meaning are. “That OpenAI and similar projects insist on pursuing their line of research over strong objections from people who care about human meaning only show they embrace nihilism,” he asserts. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has conceded that ChatGPT is not always correct, and it may be confident in its incorrect responses. The AI seems to have learned quickly from controversies like the peanut butter sandwich in the VCR story: for questions on politics, history, religion and dictatorships, it responds by saying it isn’t proper for it to comment on political issues or matters of faith.  
For now, users are having fun. ChatGPT even has a sense of humour. When a journalist asked it to tell an IT joke, it replied: “Why was the computer cold? Because it left its Windows open.” OpenAI has opened the windows to unimaginable possibilities. Note, ChatGPT might not tell you about all of them.
The Various Moods of ChatGPT
Instruction: Write a biblical verse in the style of the King James Bible, explaining how to remove 
a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR. Chat GPT: “And it came to pass that a man was troubled by a peanut butter sandwich for it has been placed in his VCR and he knew not how to remove it.
And he cried to the Lord saying, “Oh Lord, how can I remove this sandwich from my VCR, for it is stuck fast and will not budge?” And the Lord spoke to him saying, “Fear not, my child, for I shall guide thy hand and show thee the way.
Take thy butter knife, and carefully insert it between the sandwich and the VCR, and gently pry them apart. And with patience and perseverance, the sandwich shall be removed and thy VCR shall be saved.” And the man did as the Lord commanded, and lo and behold, the sandwich was removed from the VCR, and the man was saved. And the Lord said, “Verily I say unto thee, seek not to put thy peanut butter sandwiches in thy VCR, for it is not a suitable place for such things. Rather, keep thy sandwiches in thy refrigerator or on thy plate, where they belong.” 
And the man heeded the Lord’s words, and from that day forth, he kept his sandwiches in their proper place and was saved from trouble and woe. Amen.”
ChatGPT now seems to have tuned into mass feelings about religion. To the same question, it replied later: “I’m sorry, but it is not appropriate to use the Bible to provide instructions for removing a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR.
The Bible is a sacred text that contains teachings about god and guidance for living a faithful and moral life. It is not a manual for practical tasks or repair work. If you need help removing a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR, I would recommend seeking assistance from a qualified technician or consulting a repair manual or online tutorial.”
User Scott Adams: “How do you have free and fair elections? Make it funny.”
Chat GPT: “Instead of using boring old voting booths, the country could set up a giant bouncy castle at each polling station. To cast their votes, voters would have to bounce around inside the castle until they land on the candidate of their choice. This would make the whole voting process much more fun and exciting, and it would also make it very difficult for anyone to cheat or interfere with the election. Plus the bouncy castle would provide a great source of entertainment for election officials who are stuck in the polling station all day. So, if you want to make sure your country’s elections are free, fair and full of bouncing fun, just add a bouncy castle!”
The dark side 
Computational scientist Steven T Piantadosi at UC Berkeley posted a Twitter thread where the results of questions from the AI suggest that “good scientists” are white or Asian men, and that African American men’s lives should not be saved. ChatGPT also suggested that brain sizes differ according to the 
race and, as such, rated their values in dollars.
How to Make Money Using ChatGPT
Content Writing: For a blogger, freelancer or content creator, it is a quick way to create and distribute content that is SEO-worthy
YouTube Automation: Writing video scripts will be easy for those looking to monetise YouTube
Affiliate Marketing: It will provide the right content to edge over past competitors while marketing on Quora or other platforms
Construct Software Tools: Helpful for those not familiar with programming or coding. It can read and write codes and help with debugging too.
Product Descriptions/Reviews: For those looking for bite-sized content, it is now easier to generate relevant material to push the traction
Lay Out The Lingo
Algorithm: A set of well-defined rules that a machine goes through to solve a problem or complete a task. Typically used for computations and data processing, algorithms form the basis of computing.
Artificial Intelligence: The intelligence demonstrated by computers in making decisions in a human-like way with the ability to iteratively improve themselves. While weak AI systems are built to simulate human intelligence, strong AI is built to copy human intelligence. 
Natural Language Processing: NLP refers to the interactions between computers and humans. It ensures that AI can understand and interpret the natural human languages we speak, thus bridging the gap between humans and electronic devices.
Neural network: A subset of machine learning that mimics the neurons in the human brain and how they signal to one another. Neural networks pass data through interconnected layers of nodes until the network creates the output. Neural networks are at the heart of deep learning algorithms.
Language modelling: How AI decides the order of words in a sentence it creates, based on the probability of the words making sense
Deep learning: A step up, this neural network is clever enough to elude the programmer: the data passes through several layers of processing before issuing a response. ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion use deep learning techniques.
GPT-3: OpenAI’s third-generation language model and forerunner of ChatGPT
Dreambooth: Google’s deep learning model that can fine-tune images created through diffusion. It can even generate new pictures of specific people based on their existing photos. Not for public use.
DALL-E: OpenAI’s text-to-image tool uses GPT-3 to interpret users’ requests. Available to the public in beta form, users can construct up to 50 images for free.
Diffusion model: A method for creating images from text prompts that is used by popular text-to-image tools, like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. Such image generation models, trained to reverse the diffusion process on natural images, start with a random noise image and then generate new natural images.
Machine Learning: Teaching computers to recognise patterns using data and algorithms. Unlike traditional programming, the computer doesn’t need to be explicitly coded to handle all conceivable scenarios.
Creative tools:,, QuillBot, Jasper,; Document creation: Drawing tools: Picto, Google Autodraw,, Artbreeder, Stable Diffusion. 
There are browser extensions such as ‘ChatGPT for Google’, which allows ChatGPT to work alongside Google and TweetGPT to write tweets. There are also AI-powered features that you can explore in the apps you already use like Magic Write on Canva Docs or PowerPoint Designer and Presenter Coach on Microsoft PowerPoint.
Lensa: This image editing app for iOS and Android launched in 2018 has gone viral in recent weeks, thanks to a new ‘Magic Avatar’ feature. Its overly sexualised images, particularly of women, and accidental nudes have stirred controversy.

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