So, whether you’re hoping to expand your e-commerce business to a traditional front, or launch a retail startup, here’s why you should have a people counter.

One of the most prominent benefits of using people counters in a traditional retail setting is that these devices can generate valuable data. You’ll know when the store’s busiest days and peak hours are simply by looking through the metrics.

This data can be used to improve trading during busier times. Whether you decide to reserve more staff at checkouts or have more staff across all departments in-store, having this data allows you to plan accordingly.

People counters offer a lot more than foot traffic data. You can also track and monitor other metrics like retail conversion rates, average transaction value, items per transaction, and a lot more.

Understaffing is every brick-and-mortar store’s worst nightmare; not having enough staff in-store is a quick way to upset customers and lose sales.

On the other hand, overstaffing might not deter customers, although it will cost the business profits. If you have too many employees in-store, your overhead costs will be a lot higher than necessary.

With data from a people counter, retail stores can avoid understaffing and overstaffing by optimizing the staffing schedule with consideration to peak hours and expected busy days.

In-store events are a tried and tested way to boost sales and improve customer retention. Nevertheless, using a people counter can help you plan better in-store events by determining when the store’s quietest times are.

Hosting in-store events like performances for kids, demonstrations, or even readings during quiet times is a great way to increase sales.

Lastly, people counters can also help determine how well a store performs during bad weather, specific seasons, holidays, and other external factors.

People counters are a great way to identify foot traffic numbers. But these devices can also provide valuable data that can help enhance the customer experience, avoid understaffing and overstaffing, reward employees, and plan better around external factors like bad weather.

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