If you care deeply about others and want to do something meaningful that makes a positive impact on the world around you, it’s natural to want to inspect different fields that will enable you to do so. Fortunately, career paths that allow you to help other people can come in various forms, with different roles and positions suiting different goals and different types of individuals. Here are just some of the best and most popular career opportunities you can explore if you want to help others:

Of course, being a teacher is among the most valued and fulfilling career paths. It will enable you to provide first-hand, in-person help to individuals and follow them as they grow and develop. You can work as an educator in primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions, schools for students with disabilities, student referral units, institutions for young offenders, and even hospitals. A degree is necessary for becoming a teacher, but there are different career opportunities you can explore without a degree as well, such as childcare, playwork, and youth work.

In countries across Europe, on the other hand, public service work is highly appreciated and represents another sphere you can explore. Regardless of the country, there are a number of different careers in local, regional, and national governments, as well as government agencies that will allow you to help people. This can include devising new laws and policies, providing pension and social security services, being involved in research groups, joining defense organizations, etc. The requirements for public service roles will depend on the exact position, but they will enable you to help thousands, if not millions of citizens either way.

The law can be a tricky and at times immoral field as well. But there are jobs that will enable you to make a real difference. For instance, you can specialize in child protection and keep children safe from abuse and neglect, pursue a career in criminal defense and represent innocent individuals accused of crimes, or even work in immigration law to support individuals seeking asylum. No matter which area of law you select, keep in mind that a law degree is always necessary, along with practical experience in many cases.

Evidently, there are a number of career opportunities for anyone who’d like to help others. Choose a career path that suits your skills and personality the most, and make a positive impact.

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