By 2025, an estimated 256 million U.S. shoppers will make digital purchases — meaning over 88% of the US population will be shopping online in just a few years. Now is the time to brainstorm ecommerce business ideas that can turn into a digital empire.

That can be challenging in a crowded marketplace where there appears to be an infinite number of existing businesses for just about any offering you can imagine. But fear not, this post explores the best online ecommerce business ideas to inspire you as you begin your journey.

Niche online stores make great businesses because they cater to a very specific audience. Hand-made products are especially popular because they allow customers to learn about the people behind the products and their specific processes for creating them.

Pro tip: Even if you don’t make your own products, you can still develop a niche eCommerce business by featuring the products in a specific category created by others. In this case, the business owner would be the retailer, acquiring the products directly from the makers via a wholesale purchasing relationship.

Everybody is an expert in something, so why not turn your expertise into an online learning course?

What we like: Printful will even drop-ship products directly to your customers with your branding, so the packaging will look like it came directly from your own warehouse. Sync up Printful with your favorite ecommerce software, and you’ll have a custom apparel store running on auto-pilot.

64% of American adults currently consume coffee every day. That’s about 400 million cups of coffee served daily across the country. So why not jump in and start an ecommerce coffee shop?

If you find yourself making more than a few stops a week at your local Starbucks, consider applying your passion for java to your own curated eCommerce coffee business.

Pro tip: Consider partnering with DIY lip balm producers who sell their products on websites like Etsy. Create your own YouTube channel demonstrating the products, and then link back to your store where your subscribers can purchase directly from you.

After a few years of consistent content creation and audience growth, you may find yourself giving brands like Glossier a run for their money.

Like coffee, tea is a fast-growing segment of the consumer market. With an ever-increasing number of tea producers, now might be the perfect time to invest in setting up your own profitable ecommerce business focused on teas and tea-related products.

Get as creative as you can with a variety of different gift packs to delight your customers, set up your social media accounts to showcase your creations, and you’re off to the races.

Who doesn’t love a great-smelling candle? While consumers can readily purchase candles at their local home goods store, consider curating your own collection of handmade candles and offering them for sale online. Or even better, learn how to make your own candles and have full control over your inventory.

Like selling online courses, business coaching is a great way to package your knowledge and experience into services you can market. This may be one of the only types of profitable ecommerce businesses where you can sell something intangible: your time.

Everybody loves a treat, so why not start an ecommerce business selling pre-packaged candy? This is undoubtedly a crowded space. However, a well-conceived site, clever marketing, and your unique stamp on the packaging could go a long way toward helping you get noticed.

If your idea of fun is spending an afternoon rummaging through the local thrift shop for gems, creating an ecommerce business focused on selling used or vintage clothing might be the perfect match for you. It’s one of the few businesses where you get to be both the buyer and the seller at the same time.

Be sure to offer a wide range of clothing to browse and select from. Because you won’t be able to sell the same item in multiple sizes, it will be important to feature items that appeal to a wide range of styles and tastes.

Pro tip: A well-laid-out website with a simple shopping cart feature will help you get those hard-to-find vintage threads off of your shelves and onto those of your customers quickly.

There’s never been a better time to launch an online business focused on affordable jewelry. That can be either pieces you make yourself or those you acquire from others.

A good old-fashioned T-shirt shop is the way to go if you have some basic design skills and an abundance of creativity. By leveraging a print-on-demand fulfillment partner, you can quickly get your shop up and running. Be sure to allow customers to purchase your designs in any size and color they wish.

Cell phone cases are one of the quickest and easiest ecommerce business ideas to implement. If you can strike licensing deals with popular social media influencers, even better, as you’ll have a massive base of prospective customers available to you instantly.

Here’s a novel idea for entrepreneurs with a flair for language: Consider starting a custom poetry business. What better way to commemorate someone special than with a poem written in their honor?

When researching this idea, we were consistently impressed with the number of amateur poets who have built successful ecommerce businesses by selling their made-to-order prose.

You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to figure out how to make money selling things online. Plenty of hobbyists have turned their passions into profitable ecommerce businesses simply by figuring out how to package and sell whatever it is they are most passionate about.

Once you have your idea, there are dozens of ways to quickly launch your online store without the help of a web designer. Tools like Shopify and GoDaddy make it easy to get an ecommerce business up and running quickly. Then, you can focus on the things that matter: Attracting customers by offering great products they won’t be able to find anywhere else.