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Dec 01, 2022, 11:19 ET
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‘The Future of… Arts is an online live event series created by Dinis Guarda that discusses the future of society and technology. This first event puts together some of the biggest creators and innovators in Art(s) and discusses how Digital 360, NFTs, Metaverse, IP, AI are shifting the arts industry
LONDON, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The live streaming event will take place on December 8 (1pm to 3pm GMT) on Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel, powered by and, where renowned speakers Amrita Sen, artist, designer, and business Woman; Amrita Sethi, NFT Artist; Timmy Mowafi, entrepreneur, creative Director and co-Founder of MO4 Network; and Andrea Bonaceto, contemporary artist and NFT pioneer will come together to shed light on the Future of Arts.
The global arts market grew from $275.58 billion in 2021 to $448.92 billion in 2022, a growth rate of 62.9%, according to The Business Research. Digitalisation and new technologies like NFTs, AI and Metaverse will fuel that growth exponentially as it democratises the creation  and access to art and reaches a wider audience.
But what the future looks like for artists, collectors and businesses? That’s the question that the speakers from the upcoming event ‘The Future of… Arts: Digital 360, NFTs, Metaverse, IP, AI’, hosted by Dinis Guarda, will try to answer.
‘The Future of… Arts: Digital 360, NFTs, Metaverse, IP, AI’ event is about how creativity can keep flowing with the tools of the 21th Century. If Leonardo da Vinci used oil painting technique to achieve depth and intensity of colouring and transparency in the effects of light and shade, the artists of our times are using digital tools, producing and selling their arts with NFTs and increasingly working with Metaverse immersive experiences and artificial intelligence.
But this is just the beginning.
The future of arts will increasingly incorporate many more elements of creator new dimensions, IP definition, interaction with technologies, engagement with institutions, virtual spaces, metaverse immersive worlds, and integrated gamification communities. And special interaction between human to human and human to machines.
As Dinis Guarda, the host of the event and the author of many books on the topic of digital transformation, has predicted:
“NFTs have, in a short time, tapped into our desire to acquire and own, creating value and a whole new dimension of investment commodities. NFTs can be used to encapsulate and represent the ownership of almost anything, which makes for a vast potential market. Our society today is increasingly digital in its substance and expression. NFTs are here to stay and grow as a crucial component of digital certification for our businesses and an ever-evolving Metaverse.”
The topics which will be covered during the event include:
These topics will be discussed by artists, authors and professionals like:
‘The Future of… Arts: Digital 360, NFTs, Metaverse, IP, AI’ will run on Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel on December 8 from 1pm to 3pm GMT, and is only the first part of a global series of conferences on re-imagining the future of humanity, society, our cities, and businesses. These will look at what role the emerging 4Ir and Society 5.0 technologies are going to play in it and how we can create a better narrative for our present and future. This virtual edition is to be a prelude to a kick-start event scheduled next year in London, UK, and New Delhi, India.
The event is produced by and
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