If you’re a leader in the technology industry, you may feel like the ground has completely shifted beneath you. Years of eye-popping growth and hiring binges have given way to a new reality marked by smaller budgets and, for many, smaller teams. But for all that has changed, there is one constant: when you put your customer at the center of everything, you succeed.

The road map for success in 2023 and beyond is about adapting to economic uncertainty in ways that make you a true customer company. We’re seeing a broad shift among tech companies to these new strategies to not only survive but thrive:

Here I’ll explain what I mean by each of these trends, and how you can think about each in the context of your business.

Whatever it is you do to build trust, the key is keeping that value at the forefront of your approach to solving the unique challenges of 2023. That may be easy to overlook when you’re under pressure to cut costs without sacrificing revenue growth, but your customers will demand it.

Our COO explains how your business can get the most value from technology while moving fast and minimizing risk.

If you’re suddenly left with smaller teams, how do you get more out of the people you still have? You may need to ask them to take on new roles or different responsibilities than they’re used to.

Just as important as simplifying your tech stack is unifying your customer data streams. This will help you get more actionable, data-driven insights faster, so you can stay ahead of your competitors and ensure that your customers remain at the center of the tough decisions you face.

Only 33% of sales organizations say they’re currently using AI, but the highest sales performers are 1.9 times more likely than underperformers to use it.

Even at a challenging moment, the tech industry is still a place for innovation. By innovating in ways that help you do more with less, while staying true to the core values that your customers demand, you can find the right formula for your business to succeed now.

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