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Published on October 15th, 2022
With crypto, digital clones, metaverse, NFTs, and deep fakes, AI-powered text-to-image generators are one of the hottest innovations that will affect our digital lives shortly. In addition to the fact that their daily active user count is rapidly growing. Using this technology is a lot of fun. Enter some random text into the box and wait just a few seconds to see the picture that corresponds to your gibberish imagination appear before your eyes.
Some technological processes produce amusing and surprising outcomes. Overall, the AI-generated works are outstanding, and some are good enough to be mistaken for real artist masterpieces. Therefore, copyright, ethical, and dystopian nightmare all reside in this. AI art generators like Stable Diffusion and Mid journey have become popular activities for average users and art enthusiasts. However, this has set off a moral minefield for artists’ ability to make a living.
On October 11th, a prominent Korean anime artist, AT, was making Raiden Shogun’s art with her followers live on Twitch. A viewer from his stream “finished” the fan art before them by taking a snapshot of their art in progress. Afterwards, the thief put it into an artificial intelligence Ai image generator called Novel AI and even posted the final results before AT could. When the original artist, AT confronted the thief, they had the audacity to demand a reference image.
“You posted 5-6 hours after me, and for that kind of drawing, you can make it fast,” the swindler tweeted. You took [a] reference [from] an AI image, but at least admit it.”
During a Twitch stream AT (@haruno_intro) had their art stolen.

The thief then finished the sketch by using NovelAI and posted on their Twitter before AT finish it.

Then had the AUDACITY to demand a "proper reference" from them. pic.twitter.com/Twv7oWSMaW
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The artwork thief even posted an unasked-for Q&A session on their Twitter. Honestly, the community can’t comprehend the motivations of this new-age scam artist. Moreover, I believe we can all agree that if AT didn’t confront them for sharing their creative works, they would have managed to get away with this crime. Therein there lays a further cause for worry.
The usage of AI art software for cyberbullying and fraud against creative individuals has also been brought up, diminishing their value to that of ordinary material farmers. Meanwhile, several artists have advised their fellow crafters to store backup streams of their process just in case. People have even tweeted that the experience has made them reluctant to live stream their work in progress again.
One artist lamented that “now any of us could be convicted by art thieves of stealing since their AI art ‘completed the work before. We at Anime Senpai would like to advise you to be keen on your art property. What do you guys think of this act? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
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